How to unlock everything in the Final Fantasy XIV & Fall Guys collab event

The Beans have arrived in the Gold Saucer and have found themselves a new playground in the Final Fantasy XIV and Fall Guys crossover event. You’ll need to run, dodge, and not get punted into oblivion in this surprising and chaotic new game. Take part and race for the crown over three rounds to earn yourself MGF (Manderville Gold Saucer Fame) and purchase minions, glamour, a mount, orchestrions, emotes and even furniture.

How to unlock the Fall Guys Blunderdome

To take part you’ll need to have your character up to level 15 and have travelled to all three city states. After you’ve done that you’ll need to unlock the Gold Saucer by talking to the Well-heeled Youth in Ul’Dah just up from the steps at the main Aetheryte.

After unlocking the Gold Saucer you’ll then need to head over to the Entrance Square to speak to Lewena and start the quest ‘Just Crowing Around’. One you’ve spoken to her she’ll point you towards Wonder Square and the Blunderville Gatekeeper. After a quick chat he’ll let you into the Blunderville Square where you just need to speak to the Blunderville Beankeep to complete the quest.

If you're a fan of Fall Guys, Blunderville Square will look most familiar.

To start playing you need to register for a Blunderville Show by talking to the Blunderville Registrar. After waiting for the matchmaking you’ll be put into a group of 24 players where you’ll face up to 3 rounds. After you’ve played you’ll get some MGF to spend at the shop by speaking to the MGF trader and will be able to buy loads of Fall Guys loot, including the Rhiyes mount, Penguin minion, and even a Winner’s crown. You’ll also earn MGP to spend in the rest of the Gold Saucer too.

How to Earn MGF

You'll need to take part in the Fall Guys collab event's mini games to earn MGF.

To earn all of the currency you need you’ll need to take part in Blunderville Shows. You won’t need to win as even if you’re knocked out in the first round you’ll still earn MGF. 

  • If you’re eliminated in the first round you’ll earn 50MGF.
  • If you beat the first round you’ll earn 100 MGF
  • If you’re knocked out in the second round you’ll earn 150 MGF
  • If you’re knocked out in the third round you’ll earn 300 MGF
  • If you win you’ll earn 450 MGF

However it’s worth noting that if there are fewer than 24 people in an instance then the MGF rewards will be revised down

Round Types

So far we’ve seen five different types of game while taking part in Blunderdome shows.

The first round is usually either Gentlebean’s Fever or Mandervill-Can Parade, both of which are obstacle courses that you need to run and spin your way through. The first 16 people to cross the finish line will make it to the next round. Watch out for the direction change mechanic early on in the Manderville-Can Parade as that will force march you in the direction it’s pointing. Meanwhile in Gentlebean’s Fever you’ll encounter a confused mechanic at the halfway point - stand still and only move when the spinning finger above your head is facing the way you want it to.

Round two is either The Gold Swiveller or Saucery Siege. You’ll need to avoid falling off of the platform in the Gold Swiveller, but don’t think you can be cheeky by standing still to avoid the obstacles - Typhon is in the middle and spins while he blows people off of the donut-shaped arena. Saucery Siege is a little trickier - you need to transport crystals from the centre to the right coloured location while avoiding obstacles.

Round three is Manderville mountain which is a lot like Fall Mountain in that it's a straight run for the crown. You’ll need to avoid a lot of paddles and Yojimbo’s blade to reach the end.