See Fallout 4 in action - Settlement Building, 3rd Person, Lockpicking & More

While we have a lengthy and in-depth text review, some people do prefer to whack on a video of a new title to see if it's worth their while - and if that's you, we have you covered for the impending release of Fallout 4 with our series of gameplay videos here on the site covering most aspects of the title's gameplay.

In these three videos I show off three important aspects of the game - Settlement Building, Playing in Third Person, and a bunch of First Person gameplay including riding a gunship, combat, lockpicking, and conversations with companion characters to name just a few highlights - and aside from a brief introduction, these are commentary-free, so you can enjoy the game sound. There's a good hour of video here, so there's plenty to keep you going.

Remember that you can find the full Fallout 4 Review here on the site, plus a lengthy impressions video. If you like this, don't forget to drop a Like and Subscribe to our YouTube channel - it's the one way we know you want more video content! See the videos for yourself below.