Here's 5 things that stood out about Persona 5's first 5 hours

It’s been a long time coming, but the next mainline game in the Persona series has finally arrived in Japan. Though there’s still a handful of months till its English release worldwide, RPG fans have plenty to be excited about in this stylish new entry. In fact, here are five things that’ll immediately catch your attention in the opening hours of Persona 5!

1) How We Got Here


Persona 5’s all-new cast take on the role of thieves aiming to steal hearts. The game introduces itself in a very flashy way showcasing just how different it is in tone and presentation from previous titles: it begins apparently in the future for the main character. Things go south and he then finds himself in a peculiar situation. In a movie-like storytelling twist, he then begins to recount the events that led up to that moment, catapulting you back in time to the 'start' of the story. The game’s segmented storytelling is one of its key strengths that allows players to follow the string of events that led up to Persona 5’s initial fateful moment.

2) Rude Neighbors


Don’t expect to be meeting friendly new faces at the start of Persona 5. The protagonist’s reasons for moving to Tokyo are not on favorable terms. A negative stigma surrounds him that spreads like wildfire throughout his fellow classmates and the school faculty. Even his current caretaker is not too hot on bringing him in. There’s a constant sense of tension that keeps the beginning of Persona 5 compellingly intense.

3) A Lively New Location


Now set in Tokyo, Persona 5’s environments are a significant step-up from the past hub worlds in Persona 3 and 4. It’s meticulously crafted and more densely populated than Tatsumi Port Island and Inaba. Persona 5 does a beautiful job capturing the atmosphere in one of the busiest cities in the world from its extensive subway network, narrow walkways, and a plethora of shops everywhere.

4) Cinematic Cutscenes


One of the biggest improvements in Persona 5 lies in its insane efforts to deliver a visual presentation like no other. Boasting much more elaborate and expressive character models from previous Personas, the game’s cutscenes have already displayed impressive story bits with choreography and sounds that heighten the atmosphere of situations. Plus, there’ve also been a fair share of full anime scenes as well for some key encounters and events.

5) Deals with the Devil


Demon negotiations make a return in Persona 5! Obtaining new Personas from battle requires knocking them down with critical attacks or hitting their weakness leading to a “Hold Up!” scenario with your firearms on them (yes, guns are back as well!). Properly conversing with them not only can add them to your ranks, but can also result in additional items and pocket change. The process is more friendly and streamlined than what's found in both halves of Persona 2. After all, you're the one in charge of these situation, so these conversations don't drag on for too long.

Bonus: That Incredible UI


All eyes are on Persona 5 for a reason; just its aesthetics alone can grab anyone’s attention. Its use of bold colors on solid outlines throughout every part of its HUD are amazingly crafted. Every section of it pops-up beautifully highlighting its gorgeous art design. Even Persona 5’s menu has had a lot of care put into it with the main character animating every transition throughout it. Simply insane.

There’s still a lot more new and improved features jampacked into Persona 5 of course. Stay tuned for some initial thoughts on the game coming soon!