Dark Souls 3: Ashes of Ariandel Guide: Where to find all new & key items

The first of two DLC packs for From Software's Dark Souls 3, titled Ashes of Ariandel is loaded with new Weapons, Armor, and Spells. The DLC itself is pretty good, but also useful is all the new gear that'll let you play in some new ways.

While exploring the snow covered forests beset by something known as the Rot, make sure not to miss out on all of these goodies. We've put together a list to help you ensure that you plunder all there is to find  in the newest Painted World.


In total, Ashes of Ariandel contains:

  • 16 New Weapons / Shields 
  • 5 New Armor Sets 
  • 4 New Spells / Pyromancies 
  • Chillbite Ring 
  • Captain's Ashes
  • Champion's Bones

Ashes of Ariandel Item Video Guide - Weapons, Spells & more

For convenience, the items in each section have been put in the likely order you will be able to find them.

Dark Souls 3: Ashes of Ariandel Weapon Locations

  • Follower Javelin - Located near the first bonfire. After the avalanche, hug the right wall head down and bear right until you reach the cliff edge, then turn right and head up the slope to find the javelin at the end, guarded by a group of Followers.
  • Ethereal Oak Shield - Once you get into the Millwood Knight guarded area past the first encounter with the large wolf, you'll be fired upon from a greatbow wielding knight in the nearby tower. The shield is about halfway up the tower.
  • Millwood Battleaxe - Located at the top of the same tower, located on a corpse. Captain's Ashes are also located nearby.
  • Millwood Greatbow - After the tower, head up the steep incline and veer left. Past some Witch Trees youll find two greatbow wielding Millwood Knights guarding the bow as well as Millwood Greatarrows.
  • Crow Quills - Past the Corvian Settlement bonfire, go across the bridge into the settlement and hug to the left. You'll follow the path to an area near the upper level of the bonfire building. You'll find yourself near a ledge overlooking the area where you first met the swarm of undead corvians. From here, you can leap to the plateau holding the weapons.
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From the upper ledge, you can leap to the Crow Quills
  • Crow Talons - Found on a roof deep into the Corvian Settlement - after you climb onto the first roof turn left and head forwards a few feet, drop down onto the ledge below, and cross to the other building. Make your way through the building and onto the roof to grab them.
  • Onyx Blade - Dropped after the NPC fight at the back end of the Corvian Settlement. This is a required item, so don't worry about keeping an eye out for it.
  • Follower Shield - This should be the first item you find in the Snowy Mountain pass area. The area is a bit of a maze, but luckily many of the Follower enemies here do not wield shields, and the wolves are easily defeated as well. So clear the area before poking around for treasures. From the metal bell, follow the left lower path all the way to the end to find this shield on a corpse.
  • Earthseeker - As you cross a bridge away leading from the chapel where you fought the NPC, past the toppled tree you can use for a shortcut, look to the left to find an area to drop down on a set of Millwood Knights. Watch out as one of the knights will use aoe attack, so make sure to keep moving. On a corpse in a cave at the back, you'll find this weapon.
  • Follower Torch - In the back half of the snowy maze of paths, past where you first encounter wolves in this area, follow the path on the edge of the cliff down to find this weapon on a Follower's corpse (guarded by a sleeping Follower so watch out!).
  • Quakestone Hammer -  Before heading up the steep narrow path with two Millwood Knights and the path leading to the Giant Fly infested crypt, look for a short path to the left to find this hammer guarded by a red eyed Millwood Knight. The area is narrow and hard to fight in, so I suggest simply nabbing the item and running away. 
  • Pyromancer's Parting Flame - When in the area at the lower level of the Giant Fly infested crypt, look for a small illusory wall leading to a path of roots. At the bottom, you'll find this Pyromancy weapon, along with an arena where you'll fight the npc invader Livid Pyromancer Dunnel.
Look for this little brick filled awning: it's an illusory wall
  • Great Scythe - Can be soul transposed from the drop of the DLC's boss. Must choose either this weapon or the Rose of Ariandel.
  • Rose of Ariandel - Can be soul transposed from the drop of the DLC's boss. Must choose either this weapon or the Great Scythe.
  • Follower Sabre - On the way down the roots towards the Depths of the Painting bonfire and optional boss, look for this item on a corpse at the end of one of the paths before dropping down to take care of the bow wielding Millwood Knight.
  • Valorheart - Looted from the optional boss of the dlc.

Dark Souls 3: Ashes of Ariandel Armor Locations

  • Follower Set - The numerous Follower enemies will have a chance of dropping their garbs as regular loot.
  • Slave Knight Set - Found in a locked building near the Corvian Settlement bonfire. After making your way to the rooftops, drop down onto the stone bridge and enter the door, and drop inside. 
  • Vilhelm's Set - Located on the lower floor of the giant fly infested crypt in the corner, near the crank that reveals the path to the boss.
  • Millwood Set - Can be purchased from the Shrine Handmaiden once you give her the Captain's Ashes found at the top of the tower guarded by the Millwood Knights.
  • Ordained Set - Can be purchased from the Shrine Handmaiden once the DLC boss is defeated.

Dark Souls 3: Ashes of Ariandel Spell Locations

  • Frozen Weapon - Facing away from the bridge leading to the Ariandel Chapel, head forward and veer left to see two Giant Flies guarding this Sorcery. 
  • The Way of the White Corona - Found at the far end of the Corvian Settlement in church guarded by two weapon-wielding Corvians. You can enter this church from the roof for an extra soul item and a better vantage point to start the encounter before looting this Miracle.
  • Floating Chaos - When on the lower floor of the Giant Fly infested crypt, near the crank used to unlock the way to the DLC's boss, look for a hidden illusory wall. Follow the path down the roots to a Pyromancer's Parting Flame as well as a large arena. You will be invaded by Livid Pyromancer Dunnel here, who will drop the Pyromancy upon defeat.
  • Snap Freeze - Facing away from the Depths of the Painting bonfire, turn left (opposite direction of the DLC's optional boss) past the giant ice crabs to fine this Sorcery guarded by a handful of Witch Trees.
This tree at the bottom of the area is guarding the Snap Freeze sorcery

Dark Souls 3: Ashes of Ariandel - Ashes, Bone Shard & Ring

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  • Chillbite Ring - When you first meet Sister Friede at the Ariandel Chapel bonfire, speak to her twice and she will gift this item to you.
  • Captain's Ashes - Found at the top of the Millwood Knight guarded tower past the first encounter with the giant wolf, near the Millwood Battleaxe. Give them to the Shrine Handmaiden to purchase the Millwood Set of armor.
  • Champion's Bones - You'll get this item after defeating the second, optional boss of the DLC. Burn it at the Firelink Shrine bonfire to unlock the DLC's new PvP mode: Undead Match.


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