World of Final Fantasy Guide: How to beat Icicle Ridge's Ice Puzzles

In Chapter 6 of World of Final Fantasy you'll hook up with FF3's cheery white mage Refia in an inn manned by Sherlotta from the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles series (there's some deep cuts here, you guys) and then be tasked with crossing Icicle Ridge, a frozen-over area that has to be passed in order to reach Saronia, your destination.

Icicle Ridge is another place where World of Final Fantasy brings back an element from classic 2D RPGs - the good old fashioned icy slippery floor routine. Take one step and you'll slide right the way across until you hit an obstacle. 

We all know these bloody things. Pokemon has them often. Old FF does too - the last one I remember was in FF9's Ice Cavern. 

Anyway, these puzzles are pretty frustrating. There are three different puzzle areas, and as well as the exit you need to take each has optional places and items you can pick up. The final one - which is huge - has an optional area you can reach which contains a secret mirage battle.

World of Final Fantasy: Icicle Ridge Ice Puzzle #1 Solution

The first ice puzzle is pretty simple. We've got a graph of how to solve it below, but here's basically what you need to do:

  • From the entrance that's in the north, head right, then down, then left, then down again.
  • There's an exit here, but this isn't your final destination. For that you'll want to head up then right.
  • This will lead you to some treasure. Use the Sizzle ability to get access to it if you want - it gives you 3 potions.
  • From the treasure point head down, then right, then up, then right again. Area complete!

World of Final Fantasy Icicle Ridge Ice Puzzle #2 Solution

This is where we're starting to get a little complicated. The optional treasure here is quite a bit better than some potions, too - it's a defense+ mirajewel, which allows you to get a handy defense-boosting ability. Anyhow - here's how it's done:

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  • You'll enter from a a southern entrance - your goal is another one on the south. To start off head up, then right, then up, then right and finally down.
  • That'll bring you to an entrance/exit. Don't go! First, head down and left. Use your sizzle ability to grab the defense+ mirajewel, then head right and up to get back to the entrance/exit.
  • Now take the exit. Follow the path here through. There'll be some forced mirage battles and then you'll be able to get back to the ice puzzle, coming in from the northern entrance.
  • Once back into the ice puzzle on the northern-side exit, head down, then left, then down, then right and finally down again. You're done!

World of Final Fantasy Icicle Ridge Ice Puzzle #3 Solution

The third and final sliding ice puzzle is massive. It also houses a big secret - a whole hidden area that contains some extra mirage boss battles and the like. This is actually a pretty big deal, but getting to it also has some extra requirements that just making the right puzzle moves.

  • Gaining access to this area requires access to the Smash ability on one of your mirages, and the chances are you won't have this ability when you first pass through this area. Since we think most of you just want to get through this area and will have to backtrack to get to this, we're not going to cover it for now.
  • We are going to cover how to escape, however! You'll enter the area from the south. 
  • First off, head left, then up, then left, then down, then right.
  • Now head all the way up, crossing most of the map. Then likewise all the way right
  • Finish up by heading up, then right, then up. Freedom! No more ice puzzles! Thank god.
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