Final Fantasy XV Ultima Blade - how to upgrade the Engine Blade to the ultimate weapon

In Final Fantasy XV, Noctis' signature weapon is the Engine Blade, and this is a weapon you'll have when you start the game. It can be upgraded, however - and given this has been Noct's signature arm right since the Versus XIII days it's only appropriate that his ultimate weapon, Ultima Blade, is merely an upgraded Engine Blade. Ultimate Weapons are something of a fine Final Fantasy tradition, of course, and FF15 wasn't one to be left out.

This is arguably one of the best if not outright the best weapon Noctis can equip in the game - and it keeps that iconic Versus XIII look. On this page we explain how to get the Ultima Blade in FF15, so you can enjoy Noct's ultimate power:

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How to upgrade Noctis' signature sword: A Better Engine Blade

You'll be able to start upgrading pretty early on - as soon as you start Chapter 2 you'll be able to talk to Cid. Cid can be found outside Hammerhead Garage for most of the game, though keep in mind later he moves briefly to Cape Caem. You're going to be returning to Cid a lot.

Once you talk to Cid it'll kick off the quest 'Cid Sophiar, Master Mechanic'. This isn't just one quest but an absolute slew of them: each a quest to upgrade a different weapon in the game. For this sword we're looking for these three quests, which will unlock sequentially:

  • A Better Engine Blade
  • A Better Engine Blade II
  • A Better Engine Blade III

All you need to do here is find the items requested and trade it in with Cid. He'll then upgrade your sword and cash the quest in for an EXP bonus too.

The basic Engine Blade has 28 attack, +3 Critical, +5 MP and +5 Magic.

A Better Engine Blade: use a rusted bit to upgrade Noct's sword

The first quest in the line is available as one of the first quests from Cid once you talk to him about weapon upgrading.

This time around he'll require a 'Rusted Bit' - this is a common upgrade item that you'll find on your adventures. These are actually really common - head down into dungeons and the like and they'll show up regularly.

  • If you're absolutely desperate for one, you can definitely find one in Keycatrich Trench Dungeon, which you visit as part of the story to find a sword of the kings early on.
  • You can also find one to the south of Coernix Station.

The Engine Blade II is your reward for this. It has 39 attack, +3 Critical, +6 MP and +12 Magic.

A Better Engine Blade II: use a glass gemstone to upgrade

The second quest in the line will become available after you've completed the previous quest and obtained the Engine Blade II. 

This time Cid will require a Glass Gemstone. This is another fairly common collectable you'll find out in the world, though it is slightly rarer than the rusted bit.

  • You can find one of these in Lestallum, inside a building not far from where you park.
  • You can also find a glass gemstone at the top of the Rock of Ravatogh dungeon - this is a dungeon attached to the volcano in the far west of the map. The mobs here are around level 25-30 and so relatively manageable.

The Engine Blade III is your reward once you turn the gemstone over to Cid. It has 134 Attack, +3 critical, +25 MP and +18 magic. It'll be ready after you've completed one quest or hunt.


Ultima Blade - A Better Engine Blade III: the ultimate weapon

The third quest will unlock so long as you've competed the previous quest and got the Engine Blade III in for the bargain. This is the big one now, the Ultima Blade, Noctis' ultimate weapon!

Cid needs a Sturdy Helixhorn to upgrade this weapon to its top form. This item is not a standard drop.

  • You can get a Sturdy Helixhorn is from a Duplicorn. It is not a regular loot drop. Instead, you must break the beast's horn, which you can lock-on to. Even further, it's not a guaranteed drop. Remember there's an Ascension Grid skill that lets you raise the chance of Warp Strikes giving you drops - that one will come in handy. 
  • The best place to find Duplicorns is to accept the Old Lestallum Lvl 29 hunt "The Last Spiracorns". Go to the area by the marker and make a hard save. Get into the skirmish and break the horns of both Duplicorns. If the Sturdy Helixhorn does not drop, reset and try again. Getting it the drop will take some luck.
  • One trick that may help is to have Ignis prepare a Mother and Child Rice Bowl meal beforehand. This food raises HP +1000, EXP +30%, Drop Rate +50%. This meal is obtained slightly differently than most. You can get it by wandering the lookout area at the front of Lestallum. You'll see a woman eating at a table, and Ignis will memorize the recipe.

Hand this in to Cid and he'll give you 1000 EXP and get to work on upgrading to the Ultima Blade, the ultimate weapon for Noctis.

If Cid seems to be taking a while crafting the blade, undertake the very first hunt at Hammerhead and repeat it about 5 times. Then rest at the trailer and Cid should givve you a call.

It has 208 attack, +3 critical, +40 MP and +30 magic. Nice. It'll be available to pick up from Cid after completing three quests or hunts.