Final Fantasy XV Music Guide: Where to find all the classic FF music for your car

Final Fantasy XV has a car - I'm sure you've heard all about it. It's a pretty major part of the game, and a big part of the car is that it has a CD player built in - so if you want you can listen to some classic FF music while you drive around Lucis.

There's a catch, however - apart from a handful of CDs that are included with the car at the onset of the game, you have to buy the music CDs from shops around the world of Eos. In a sense they're one of FF15's primary collectibles - which means some of you are going to want to know where to find them. Lucky for you, we've got you covered.

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Final Fantasy XV Guide: How to get all the music CDs & what's on them

Here's where to find all the various scores included in FF15, plus what tracks are included. Find your favourite FF, get its music and then use it while cruising around in your car (or airship, if you've managed to unlock the Regalia Type-F...

Final Fantasy Soundtrack CD

  • Available from the start by default.
  • Contains: Prelude, Opening Theme, Main Theme, Matoya's Cave, Battle, Mt. Gulug, Airship, Sunken Shrine, Castle Cornelia

Final Fantasy II Soundtrack CD

  • Available in the Longwythe Rest Area in Leide. Costs 100 gil.
  • Contains: Battle Theme 1, The Rebel Army, Main Theme, Castle Pandemonium, Battle Theme 2, Chocobo Theme, Tower of the Magi, Finale, Town, The Imperial Army, Dungeon?

Final Fantasy III Soundtrack CD

  • Available in Coernix Station at Alstor in Duscae for 100 gil.
  • Contains: Battle 1, Victory, Eternal Wind, Battle 2, The Crystal Tower, This is the Last Battle 1, 2 and 3, Aria the Maiden of Water, Crystal Cave, Saronia, The Boundless Ocean, Let Me Know the Truth

Final Fantasy IV Soundtrack CD

  • Available in Hammerhead for 100 gil
  • Contains: The Red Wings, Main Theme of FF4, Battle 1, Battle with the 4 Fiends, The Final Battle, Theme of Love, Within the Giant, Battle 2, Trojan Beauty, The Airship, Tower of Zot, Another Moon

Final Fantasy V Soundtrack CD

  • Available in Galdin Quay in Leide for 100 gil.
  • Contains: Main Theme of FF5, Battle 1, Battle 2, Battle at the Big Bridge, The Decisive Battle, Home Sweet Home, Four Hearts, Mambo de Chocobo, Victory Fanfare, The Dawn Warriors, The Final Battle, Harvest, Library of Ancients, The Airship, A New World, In Search of Light

Final Fantasy VI Soundtrack CD

  • Available in Taelpar Rest Area in Duscae. 100 gil.
  • Contains: Battle, The Decisive Battle, Terra's Theme, Battle to the Death, Searching for Friends, Dancing Mad, Celes' Theme, Locke's Theme, Protect the Espers!, Edgar & Sabin's Theme, The Airship Blackjack, Kefka's Tower

Final Fantasy VII Soundtrack CD //Available from the start by default.

  • Contains: Prelude, Opening - Bombing Mission, Let the Battles Begin!, Fight On!, Main Theme of FF7, J-E-N-O-V-A, Aerith's Theme, One-Winged Angel, Judgment Day, The Chase, Rufus' Welcoming Ceremony, Gold Saucer, Cosmo Canyon, The Highwind Takes to the Skies

Final Fantasy VIII Soundtrack CD

  • Available in Hammerhead for 100 gil.
  • Contains: Liberali Fatali, Balamb Garden, Don't be Afraid, The Landing, Force Your Way, The Man with the Machine Gun, Fisherman's Horizon, Maybe I'm a Lion, The Extreme, Waltz for the Moon, Blue Fields, Shuffle or Boogie, Premonition, Find Your Way, The Oath, Ride On, The Castle

Final Fantasy IX Soundtrack CDs

  • Two discs, both available from Coernix Station at Cauthess in Duscae for 100 gil each.
  • Contains: A Place to Call Home, Battle 1, Battle 2, Rose of May, You're Not Alone, The Final Battle, Behind the Door, Over the Hill, Something to Protect, Vamo alla Flamenco, Swords of Fury, Festival of the Hunt, The Darkness of Eternity, Vivi's Theme, Dark City Treno, Lifa, the Ancient Tree of Life, Ipsen's Castle, Aboard the Hilda Garde, Dagger Cuts Her Hair, Main Theme

Final Fantasy X Soundtrack CD

  • Available from Wiz Chocobo Post in Duscae for 100 gil.
  • Contains: Battle Theme, Thunder Plains, A Fleeting Dream, Fight with Seymour, Mi'hen Highroad, Blitz Off, Assault, Challenge, A Contest of Aeons, Final Battle, Spira Unplugged, Movement in Green, Launch, Via Purifico, Servants of the Mountain

Final Fantasy XI Soundtrack CDs

  • Available from Burbost Souvenir Emporium in Cleigne. 5 discs at 100 gil each.
  • Contains: FF11 Opening Theme, Ronfaure, Battle Theme, Selbina, Awakening, Gustaburg, Sarutabaruta, Heavens' Tower, Voyager, The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah, Fighters of the Crystal, Tough Battle #2, A New Horizon - Tavnazian Archipelago, Iron Colossus, Ragnarok, Melodies Errant, Shinryu

Final Fantasy XII Soundtrack CD

  • Available from the Verinas Mart in Ravatough for 100 gil.
  • Contains: Final Fantasy (FF12 Version), Boss Battle, Streets of Rabanastre, The Dalmasca Estersand, Flash of Steel, The Arcadian Empire, Battle with an Esper, Battle on the Big Bridge (FF12 Version), Giza Plains, Ending Movie, Life and Death, Struggle for Freedom, Heart of a Child, The Mosphoran Highwaste, The Phon Coast

Final Fantasy XIII Soundtrack CD

  • Available from the start by default.
  • Contains: Final Fantasy XIII -The Promise-, Defiers of Fate, Saber's Edge, Blinded by Light, Lightning's Theme, Desperate Struggle, Fighting Fate, Nascent Requiem, March of the Dreadnoughts, The Gapra Whitewood, The Archylte Steppe, Dust to Dust

Final Fantasy XIV Soundtrack CD

  • Available from Coernix Station in Lestallum. 2 discs at 100 gil each.
  • Contains: Fallen Angel, Torn from the Heavens, Under the Weight, The Land Breathes, To the Sun, On Westerly Winds, Serenity, Engage

Final Fantasy Type-0 Soundtrack CD

  • Available from a store in Altissa. 100 gil, of course.
  • Contains: We Have Come, War: Warrior Worth a Thousand, The Earth Under Our Feet, War: The White Weapon, Soar, Tempus Finis, Vermilion Fire, Colorful - Falling in Love

Dissida & Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Soundtrack CDs

  • Available from Old Lestallum in Cleigne. Two CDs, 500 gil each - but they're big!
  • These CDs contain original tracks and arranged versions of classic FF tracks.
  • Dissidia Contains: Dissidia (Opening), Prelude (Menu), Dissidia (Menu), Keeping the Peace, Victory Fanfare (Cosmos), Main Theme (FF1), Battle (FF1), Dungeon (FF1), Main Theme (FF2), Battle Theme 1 (FF2), Battle Theme 2 (FF2), Warriors of Light, Eternal Wind (FF3), Battle 2 (FF3), This is the Last Battle (FF3), Battle Preparations, Main Theme (FF4), Battle with the 4 Fiends (FF4), Battle 2 (FF4), Victory Fanfare (Chaos), Four Hearts (FF5), Battle at the Big Bridge (FF5), At Presentiment's Edge, Terra's Theme (FF6), The Decisive Battle (FF6), Battle to the Death (FF6), The Quickening, Main Theme (FF7), Fight On! (FF7), A Brief Respite, Blue Fields (FF8), Don't be Afraid (FF8), Defeat, Over the Hill (FF9), Battle 1 (FF9), Movement in Green (FF10), Answer, Final Fantasy, Dissidia (Ending)
  • Dissidia 012 Contains: Lux Concordiae, Matoya's Cave (FF1), Chaos Shrine (FF1), Reform, Dungeon (FF2), Pandaemonium (FF2), Gentle Breath, Crystal Cave (FF3), Battle 1 (FF3), Heroes, Into Darkness (FF4), Suspicion (FF4), Battle 1 (FF4), Peace of Mind, Dungeon (FF5), The Final Battle (FF5), Tension, Phantom Forest (FF6), Battle (FF6), The Threat, Tifa's Theme (FF7), Forested Temple (FF7), J-E-N-O-V-A (FF7), Counterattack, Find Your Way (FF8), Julia (FF8), Force Your Way (FF8), Troops, A Place to Call Home (FF9), The Final Battle (FF9), Final Resolve, Yuna's Theme (FF10), A Contest of Aeons (FF10), Dissidia -Opening-, A Realm of Emptiness (FF11), Canto Mortis, Battle with an Esper (FF12), Gate to the Rift, Blinded by Light (FF13), Cantata Mortis & God in Fire, Carmen Lucis, Final Fantasy, Dissidia 012 Ending, Trailer Musics

Final Fantasy XV Original Drive Music

  • Available from the start by default.
  • Contains: Sky Smilin' Down on Me, Easy Rider, Gone, EZ Dub & Bass, Gliding Along, Arroyo Bello & Braver (feat Afrojack)

Justice Monsters Five Soundtrack

  • Available from the start by default
  • Contains: Justice Monsters, Assemble! Halcyon Days, Blazing Heart of Justice, High Five for Justice! Prince of Peerless Power, Justice Monsters Five

Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV Original Soundtrack

  • Available from the start by default
  • Contains: Prologue, Under Siege, Calling for Rain, Missing Princess, The General and the King, At Struggle's End, Nyx

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