Final Fantasy XV Regalia Type F: How to unlock the flying car airship

While Final Fantasy XV is a strong leap forward for the franchise and introduces a lot of new concepts to the series such as an open world map exploration and ditching all semblance of an ATB battle system, it still knows how to pull at the nostalgia strings by keeping some familiar features around.

There are chocobos, Cactaurs, and several familiar summons. In addition to this, of course, are airships. This is still Final Fantasy, after all.

The empire has some more traditional-looking airships, but the airship you end up piloting is a little bit...different from the norm. 


The opening segment of Final Fantasy XV has you pushing Noctis's car, the Regalia, down a deserted road. The Regalia is part of your journey the entire game, so of course it ends up becoming your means of aerial traversal as well.

Unlocking the flying upgrade to the car, the Regalia Type-F, is a late game event, so some of the steps may be considered minor spoilers, but we'll tell you how you can unlock your personal airship for yourself.

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How to get and use the Regalia Type-F flying car

The very first step to unlocking the Regalia Type-F is to simply complete the main story, and then have Umbra take you back to Lucis. 

Once you are solidly into the post-game with your regular boring Regalia, what you'll need to do is complete three optional Nifelheim bases around the map. They are:

  • Fermouth Garrison in Northen Leide.
  • Fort Vaullerey, which is found southwest of Old Lestallum.
  • Aracheole Stronghold, located southeast of Lestallum.

Upon clearing each base, you'll receive a component for the Regalia. If you completed these bases before completing the game you might have to revisit them to find the airship-related loot. Once you have all three parts, Into Unknown Frontiers will trigger in your quest log.

This quest is actually really easy - you've already done all the work. Simply pay Cindy a visit in Hammerhead and she will install the parts for you, and your car will upgrade into the Regalia Type-F. The car can fly, it looks more badass, and it also has infinite fuel on the ground and in the air - no more refueling!

Once you've got the airship, use it! Fly it! Note however that flying is only available in the Lucis area of the world map. On certain roads, you press Circle/X to take off into flight mode, pretty simple. Landing is a little more consequential, come in too steep or too hot and you'll likely crash and die. Please drive, er, fly, safely. Maybe you'll find something worth checking out in your new ride.

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