Final Fantasy XV Guide: How to get every Trophy and Achievement

Ahh, the trophy and achievement. Who doesn't love 'em? They've become a staple of our gaming habits since Microsoft first introduced them on the 360, and some people are still very much into trophy and achievement hunting.

Those people will be pleased to know that FF15 is 'an easy Platinum' on PS4 and an easy 1000Gs on Xbox One - relatively speaking, anyway. All of its achievements are relatively reasonable - none of them are going to require you sell your soul and spend a ludicrous amount of time to get them. 

If you want to get the 'The World Wanderer' Platinum Trophy for completing FF15 100% or get all 1000 gamerscore from the game, we've got you covered. Below you'll find our list guide to every trophy and achievement in the game - plus details on how to get the more tricky ones. Good luck!

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Final Fantasy XV - Side Quest, Mini Game & Travel Trophies & Achievements

We've decided to put this section at the very top of this guide because... well, these are the trophies that are most likely to be left over naturally. These trophies are earned through side activities, most of which you can skip entirely. 

  • Learner's Permit

    • You'll get this one naturally - just drive the Regalia as Noctis in Manual Mode once. 

    • Bronze / 10G

  • Chocobo Jockey 

  • High Five for Justice!

    • Play Justice Monsters 5, the pinball mini-game. Just look for the pinball machine in any restaurants around the world.

    • Bronze / 10G

  • Spinning a Yarn I, II, III, IV and V

    • Each of these 5 trophies is awarded for completing a certain number of side quests: 1, 5, 10, 20 and 40. Complete that many side quests to pop the achievement or trophy.

    • Each one of these 5 quests is a Bronze and is woth 10G for a total of 50 gamerscore.

  • Weaving a Tapestry

    • Complete 80 side quests. This is a big one!

    • Silver / 50G

  • My First Hunt

    • Complete your first hunt. This can be attempted right from the start of the game - just accept a hunt from a diner.

    • Bronze / 10G

  • Immortal? Photobomb

    • Catch an image of Gentiana in a photo. Prompto will do this naturally - it can happen in Lucis any time after you complete Chapter 5. This can only happen in the daytime and the chance increases if your party has been awake for a long time - but it's ultimately random.

    • Bronze / 10G

  • Faithful Heir

    • Get all 13 Royal Arms. To do this you'll need to grab some during the story and pick up the optional ones in the open world. We've got a guide on where to find every single one, so get on it!

    • Silver / 50G

  • Regalia Pilot

  • Tortoise Toppler

    • Defeat the Adamantoise as part the Let Sleeping Mountains Lie side quest from Cindy. This quest can pop from Chapter 9 on, but you'll want to return to this in the post-game instead - it's one of the hardest battles in the game.

    • Gold / 110G


Final Fantasy XV - RPG Progression & Character Skill Trophies & Achievements

Character Progression is a big deal for RPGs. FF15 goes on it harder than even FF13, honestly, and so there's some trophies and achievements tied to those mechanics and systems. 

Some of these rewards are tied to Ascension, while others are tied to the naturally-evolving character skills that grow at camp. On PS4 there are 10 bronze, 2 silver and 1 gold in this category, while on Xbox One these achievements add up to 310 points to add to your gamerscore.

  • Quadruple Threat

    • Equip something into all 4 of Noctis' weapon gear slots. This can be regular weapons, royal arms or spells - just fill all four slots in the Gear menu.

    • Bronze / 10G

  • New Power

    • Buy your first ability with AP in the Ascension Menu. You'll do this early on, unless you're some kind of crazy person.

    • Bronze / 10G

  • Self-Improved

    • Unlock 20 abilities in ascension. These can be on any mix of pages - just buy 19 more after the 'New Power' achievement.

    • Silver / 50G

  • Self-Mastered

    • The hardest of this bunch, you'll need to unlock 50 nodes in the ascension grids. This can be on any mix of pages... so continue on from 'Self Improved'.

    • Gold / 110G

  • Angling Rookie

  • Cooking Rookie

    • Ignis cooks at camp - raise his ability to Level 2. This ability will grow by having Ignis cook new and different recipes. Unlock more recipes by getting ingredients - these can be purchased at stores or out in the wild. You'll sometimes find cookbook-like items to purchase, too. Always try to cook something new.

    • Bronze / 10G

  • Photo Rookie

    • Level up Prompto's photography to Level 2. Prompto's skills will grow with every photo taken, but there are also bonuses for completing his photo tour side quests, group pictures and his Snapshot combat technique. As you level up, you'll unlock new Photo Skills & Filters.

    • Bronze / 10G

  • Survival Rookie

    • Gladio can find items after battles - that's his skill. It levels up simply by walking - its skill point gain is based on steps taken. Walk lots! Simple as that. 

    • Bronze / 10G

  • Angling Expert

  • Cooking Expert

    • Level up the cooking ability of Ignis to level 10. See our 'Cooking Rookie' notes for more.

    • Bronze / 10G

  • Photo Expert

    • Make Prompto an expert photographer by raising his skill to level 10. See our notes on 'Photo Rookie' for tips on how.

    • Bronze / 10G

  • Survival Expert

    • Turn Gladiolus into a complete survival expert. See our notes on 'Survival Rookie' to learn more on this.

    • Bronze / 10G


Final Fantasy XV - Combat Trophies & Achievements

Combat is a vital part of any good RPG, and FF15 is no exception, and has an entire section devoted to it. Each trophy and achievement in this list is tied to some sort of combat feat. There's 8 bronze trophies with an Xbox One value of 80 gamerscore.

  • Just Hangin' Around

    • Point-warp to a marker during battle. The game will teach you how to do this.

    • Bronze / 10G

  • Blind Spot

    • Perform a Blindside Link by fighting close to your allies and hitting an enemy from behind.

    • Bronze / 10G

  • Brother in Arms

    • Perform a Technique Attack with an Ally - hold L1/LB and order an ally with the D-Pad.

    • Bronze / 10G

  • Noct you like a Hurricane

    • Perform a Parry-Link attack. Parry an attack successfully and hit back while an ally is close by... they'll join you for the counter.

    • Bronze / 10G

  • Magical Worker

    • Craft a spell. Do this in the Elemancy Menu. You'll struggle to play the game without doing it at least once.

    • Bronze / 10G

  • Black Mage

    • Cast a spell - see above! Equip your made spell and use it!

    • Bronze / 10G

  • The Power of Kings

    • Activate and use Armiger after getting your access to the Kings' arms in Chapter 3. To do this hit L1 & R1/LB & RB.

    • Bronze / 10G

  • Divine Intervention

    • Summon the help of an Astral. You'll get your first chance to do this from Chapter 5. To see the conditions for summoning an Astral, hit up our dedicated page.

    • Bronze / 10G


Final Fantasy XV - Story Trophies & Achievements

Look, we're going to keep this section simple. All of the trophies and achievements here are gained via just playing through FF15's main story. The below is spoiler-free if you need it, however.

The story achievements tally up to 200 gamerscore. There are 14 bronze trophies, 1 silver and 1 gold.

  • Insomnia's Waking Nightmare

    • Complete Chapter 0

    • Bronze / 10G

  • Departure

    • Finish Chapter 1

    • Bronze / 10G

  • No Turning Back

    • Finish Chapter 2

    • Bronze / 10G

  • The Open World

    • Complete Chapter 3

    • Bronze / 10G

  • Living Legend

    • Finish Chapter 4

    • Bronze / 10G

  • Dark Clouds

    • Complete Chapter 5

    • Bronze / 10G

  • A Way Forward

    • Complete Chapter 6

    • Bronze / 10G

  • Party of Three

    • Finish Chapter 7

    • Bronze / 10G

  • Seaworthy

    • Finish Chapter 8

    • Bronze / 10G

  • Callings

    • Finish Chapter 9

    • Bronze / 10G

  • The Heart of a King

    • Complete Chapter 10

    • Bronze / 10G

  • In the Dark

    • Complete Chapter 11

    • Bronze / 10G

  • End of Days

    • Complete Chapter 12

    • Bronze / 10G

  • Redemption

    • Finish Chapter 13

    • Bronze / 10G

  • Homecoming

    • Finish Chapter 14

    • Silver / 50G

  • Chosen King

    • Defeat a specific story boss in Chapter 14

    • Gold / 110G

Need more FF15 help? Check out our full guide homepage, which features many more pages like this on several aspects of the game.

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