Final Fantasy XV Guide: How to Farm AP & earn thousands quickly

Final Fantasy XV's latest update is hiding something of a special secret: it's made farming AP, ability points, a hell of a lot easier.

Ability points are pretty much vital in the game since they're how you buy new skills in the game's skill tree, which is called Ascension or the Ascension Grid or oh whatever you know exactly what it is 'cos you're on a website dedicated to RPGs and yo, it's a skill tree

Anyway. Here's how to make the most of that as of FF15 Version 1.03 and up.

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How to farm AP quickly and easily in FF15 with the version 1.03 update

The big addition in FF15's update 1.03 is that of the 'Holiday Pack' of DLC. The holiday pack comes in a free and a paid variant, and the items you need are split - some are available free and some are only available to season pass owners. Even with the free version you'll still be able to rack up decent AP, so keep reading.

What you need first off is the Warrior's Fanfare accessory. This one is available in the free update and will be added to your inventory as soon as you have the holiday pack update installed. It offers additional AP for every time you earn an A+ rating in combat outside of training. Get it, equip it. This is the important first step.

Next up you'll want the skill that lets you equip a second accessory on Noctis. Once you have it, in the paid version of the DLC you'll find the Blitzer's Fanfare Accessory. This one grants you additional AP for getting an A+ in time in combat. Equip it. D'you see where this is going?

The third step for maximum AP is only available if you've unlocked the ability to equip three accessories. Don't worry if you haven't yet. In that slot you'll want to place another paid DLC item, the Armiger Accelerator accessory

Finally, you'll want to grab the skill Armiger Action from your ascension grid's armiger page. It costs a little bit of AP but will reward you 1 AP each time you activate Armiger. 

Next up you want to find a location with easier enemies that you'll be able to kill quickly and effectively: and once you're in such a spot (see the video below for an example), you'll be following a loop:

  • Use your whistle with L2 to summon enemies to your location.
  • As soon as battle properly activates, warp strike to each of the enemies that appears. You'll want weak enemies, such as the wolf-like enemies from earlier areas. You'll get 1 AP for the warp-strike one-shot kills.
  • As the last enemy dies, press L1 and R1 at once to activate Armiger. It'll automatically deactivate once battle ends, and so by activating it right as battle ends you'll get 1 AP for activating it without depleting your armiger bar. 
  • The Warrior's Fanfare and Blitzer's Fanfare will give you an additional 3 AP for killing the enemies quickly and expediently.

That's pretty much it. Repeat this and you'll be earning thousands of AP points to spend in the Ascension Grid within a short time - I've seen reports of several thousand AP gained in an hour alone. Check out the video below for a more visual example of what you'll want to do if our glorious words weren't enough.

Need more FF15 help? Check out our full guide homepage, which features many more pages like this on several aspects of the game.

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