Final Fantasy XV Guide: Moogle locations for the carnival's the Brothers Kupomazov quest

Final Fantasy XV's latest piece of downloadable content is a weird one - a fun-filled carnival that's full of various activities that'll allow players to take a little downtime from their heroes quest. It's quite far removed from some of the angst of the dilemma the guys find themselves in, but... that might be most welcome.

The carnival is limited time, running until February 20th, so you'll want to move fast on it. One of the major quests is The Brothers Kupomazov - and it's essentially a scavenger hunt. As per the quest detail:

O, the Brothers Kupomazov, to romp and revel they do love. And 'twas the kupo carnival's eve when the siblings made their leave. The Walls of Water in their sight, the moogle siblings took to flight. He who spots them with his eyes shall earn himself a handsome prize. 

The quest is picked up from a notice board to the northeast of where you start off in the carnival DLC. Each of the six moogle dolls you find will reward you 2 Choco-Mog Medallions, and you'll get 6 more Choco-Mog Medallions for completing the quest. Here's where to find them:

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How to track down the Moogle Dolls for the Brothers Kupomazov

The Moogle dolls are hiding around the map in various positions, but we thankfully have you covered. Find them and use the new photo mechanic to take photos of each of the moogles to prove you've found them.

  • The Eldest Moogle is atop the large sign for the Square Enix Cafe that hands across an archway. He's easy to spot once you know where!
  • The Second Moogle is on a statue. When looking at it, Noctis will be facing the north. The statue is holding a scepter (or something like it) and our moogle friend is perched atop it.
  • The Third Moogle is a sneaky one - it's found on top of a gondola, and that gondola moves about. Keep an eye out for it on the shoreline. It's sitting at the very front of the gondola, on top of the chocobo figurehead. It might be easier to spot this little guy at night, since he lights up.
  • The Fourth Moogle is in a location a little north of the Square Enix cafe. It's sitting in a lampost that has 4 different lamps coming off it. 
  • The Fifth Moogle will require you to hop on a Gondola to head to the Arena part of the town. Once you get there, walk dead straight - this moogle is chilling out atop the pillar in front of you.
  • The Youngest Moogle is your final charge and can be found hanging out on a windowsil. Either look east over a fence near the Square Enix Cafe or look up from the lower level while facing North-East - he's barely visible, but he's there!

Once you've grabbed all the dolls, the quest is complete! Look at all those choco-mog coins. Swim in them, like Scrooge McDuck. Go for it.

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Need more FF15 help? Check out our full guide homepage, which features many more pages like this on several aspects of the game.

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