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Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Guide: How to get all the Zodiac Relics and unlock the 0.2's Secret Boss Rush

While Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth By Sleep -a fragmentary passage- is only a short slice of the overall package that makes up Kingdom Hearts 2.8, it still carries some classic Kingdom Hearts traditions in it. One such tradition is secret bosses triggered by doing certain things in the main game.

Hidden throughout the world of Kingdom Hearts 0.2 are several special Zodiac Chests that contain Zodiac Relics. If you gather all of these, you'll be able to unlock a new and secret boss battle.

KH 0.2 might only be a couple of hours long, but this is one way it makes up for it: with some solid replay value. Anyway - here are the chest locations, both in video form courtesy of YouTuber Suikan4ya and in text form from our own explorations.

Locating the Zodiac Chests & getting the Zodiac Relics to unlock Kingdom Hearts 0.2's secret boss rush

The relics are split up below throughout different areas. The only way you can find the relics is on New Game+, so beat the game once and then boot into a new game+ run - you'll then be able to grab these relics.

Castle Town Zodiac Relics

  • Aries Relic - Head straight through the town square and jump up the right hand side at the end of it. Against a building there are four wooden boxes and right next to that, a chest. One down!
  • Aquarius Relic - Take the left hand path from the town square and hook an immediate left. There's a ruined house here. Clamber over it and look on the other side of the rubble... the chest is laying against the wall of the messed-up house.
  • Virgo Relic - This time head straight through the Square but take the path straight out of it on the left. You'll pass under an archway, and once you walk through that archway the chest is on your left.
  • Sagittarius Relic - Once again walk right across the square and again head through the archway. Keep going straight, up the steps and onto the hanginging buildings. There's platforms here - to the right, then to the right again. When you get to a branch you want to keep left, next to a building with a spire sticking out of it, facing the castle. Make this tricky series of jumps  and the chest is at the very end - it's also the highest point of the map.

The World Within Zodiac Relics

  • Cancer Relic - Look at the symbols on the ground in the main room. Look for Sagittarius (a figure wielding a bow and arrow) and head past it, but instead of climbing the stairs head around the left of the stairs, around the back of the other buildings here. The zodiac chest and relic is here.
  • Pieces Relic - Look at the floor again. You want the mirror that's in front of the Scorpion (Scorpio) and Scale (Libra) symbols. Warp into that mirror and when you arrive in a new location, look right behind you - the chest is there.
  • Leo Relic - From your starting point in the main hall count out two mirrors to your left. Warp into this mirror. Head straight along this path. Use the mirror in front of you and slightly to the right; that'll spawn a platform for you. Hop onto this platform, then onto the next. There's a mirror here, and the zodiac chest is to the right of it.
  • Libra Relic - Head back to where you found the Leo chest but this time hop on the pillar that sits between that chest and the pillar. If you look to your right you'll see a platform. It's quite far away, but if you jump, dash and use attacks to further extend your jump you'll reach it. Follow the path offered here right the way through, ignoring the mirror you pass. When you reach the large open area, the chest is at the far nothern end of it.
  • Gemini Relic - For this one you want to warp through the mirror that takes you to the large room filled with columns and the mirrored floor. On your right is a glowing pillar; slash it some. When you warp, head left and forwards a little to find the next glowing pillar. Hit this one just the same. Now head left and forwards again and you'll find the chest near the third glowing pillar.

Forest of Thorns & Depths of Darkness Zodiac Relics

  • Taurus Relic - Starting from the save point in the forest, slice your way through the vines in front of you and to the left. After the vines head forward and to the left again, down into a dip in the terrain. The zodiac chest is down here.
  • Scorpio Relic - From the same save point in the forest, this time head through the same vine-covered path but grind on the rail and head into the next area. Keep going forwards, through the mess of red throny vines. At the end of this path is this chest.
  • Capricorn Relic - In the Depths of Darkness, keep pushing on until you see the awesome bright white light. There's a large and largely empty clearing here. Look out on the right for a pillar; the final chest is sitting atop it, waiting for you to grab.

Getting into Kingdom Hearts 0.2's secret boss rush mode

Once you've picked up all the relics, simply warp to The World Within and... oh, what's this? An all new mirror! Spooky. 

You can guess what happens now: head on into that mirror and you'll be put into a 12-boss rush, and each and every one of these bosses is tougher than you've ever encountered before. Be careful and go in at a high level! 

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