Tales of Berseria Guide: All Mystic Artes and How to Perform Them

Mystic Artes or Hi Ougis are staples of the Tales series. Powerful moves that will obliterate your enemies in battle, or boss abilities that will wipe your party just as you were about to heal. In any case, Mystic Artes are equal servings of spectacle and might, and no Tales playthough is complete until you see them all.

I'm half kidding, but the trophy Witness to the Mystic requires that you see all the Mystic Artes in the game, and it's the only missable trophy! So if you don't want to miss out on your platinum, better take some notes. Here's where to see all Mystic Artes in the game, both for your party and for enemy bosses. I'll list the Boss Mystic Artes last for spoiler consideration.

Tales of Berseria: Party Member Mystic Artes and How to Perform Them

Every member of your party has 3 Mystic Artes. They sure are adding a lot of them to these games these days. On top of that, there are 3 special Mystic Artes which require two participants. You will unlock everyone's first Mystic Arte naturally during the story. The second Mystic Arte for each character learned automatically by the characters at about level 35. 

The last Mystic Arte are for each character are unlocked in the game's final dungeon. What you need to do is find a colored orb and take it to its corresponding portal and defeat each optional boss within.

Colors for each character:

Red – Laphicet
Yellow - Eizen
Blue - Eleanor
Green - Rokurou
White – Magilou
Violet - Velvet

Lastly, the 3 special Dual Mystic Artes are all obtained by defeating the bosses on floor 2, 4, and 6 of the game's bonus dungeon. 

So once you have multiple Mystic Artes for each character, how do you perform each of them? Well in short, it depends on the length of your current combo and how many Blast Gauge (BG) you have. 

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Performing Party Member Mystic Artes

To use the first Mystic Arte for each character simply hold L2 while attacking an enemy. As long as you have at least 3 BG, you'll perform your first Mystic Arte!

To use the second Mystic Arte, you'll need to do a little more work. Once you chain at least 8 artes together, then hold L2 during the last arte's animation. If you have 4 BG, you'll perform that characters second Mystic Arte.

To use the last Mystic Arte for each character, you need to perform the final Soul Break Arte of a character, then hold L2 during that animation. This ultra-powerful Arte require 5 BG, so make sure you have enough before even trying to attempt this. The Soul Break Arte is the attack that activates at the end of your Soul Break when you press R2.

To use the Dual Mystic Artes, both characters need to have 5 BG. One character has to be in the active party, the other in the reserves. The possible combinations are:

  • Velvet and Laphicet
  • Rokurou and Eizen 
  • Magilou and Eleanor

Once you are controlling the desired character with their partner in reserve, you then to press up or down on the d-pad as if you would use a Switch Blast but hold L2 before the actual Switch Blast is triggered. The Switch Blast will then be halted, then hold L2 until the Dual Mystic Arte is triggered. 


Tales of Berseria: Story Boss Mystic Artes

Please stop reading here if you don't want to be spoiled! Bosses will tend to use their Mystic Artes below 50% health, but can be defeated without casting them, so make sure you see them all if you want to get Witness to the Mystic in a single playthrough. However, do note that you can see all the Artes across multiple playthroughs if you do happen to miss one. 

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  • Artorius: The Empyrean's Throne
  • Shigure: Kadniks Harbour - See the note below for the Volcano fight.
  • Teresa: Beild Swamps
  • Oscar: Beild Swamps
  • Aifreed: Beild Swamps
  • Shigure: Kiraraus Volcano - Note: Shigure has 2 mystic artes. If you have Rokurou in the party, the Arte will be counted separately, so I suggest fighting him with Rokurou in reserve for the first fight, and in the party for the second. Shigure also likes to use a Mystic Arte just as he is defeated, which doens't count. You must see it during the fight.
  • Melchior: Kiraraus Volcano
  • Artorius: Last Dungeon
  • Kanonushi: Last Dungeon
  • Armatasized Artorius: Last Dungeon - It does not make a difference if he is powered up due to completion of the Bonus Dungeon or not. 

Tales of Berseria: Side Boss Mystic Artes

  • Phoenix: Titania - This boss has 2 Mystic Artes, make sure to see them both. One he uses regularly in battle and another one he uses when his HP drops to 0 to revive himself. He will not always do the second upon defeat, so be sure to make a save beforehand.
  • Dark Turtlez: Katz Village - This boss also has 2 Mystic Artes. One regular and one he uses after you use an item in the battle. So don't be stingy.
  • Zaveid: Gaiburk Icelands
  • Jude: Yseult
  • Milla: Figahl Icecaps
  • Jude and Milla: Normin Isle - The Mystic Arte they use in this battle is a dual arte, so make sure to see it before you defeat either of them.
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