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Tales of Berseria Guide: All about the Grade Shop and New Game+

Dedicated Tales of series fans will recognize the Grade Shop - and in Tales of Berseria it's back in a more traditional form, rewarding players for their performance in battle.

If you don't know about it, here's the deal: the Grade Shop is a store where you purchase buffs and upgrades that then carry over into your New Game Plus playthrough of the game. It offers a variety of different buffs and boons which will come in very handy for making a second run of the game easier, different or generally more interesting.

How to earn Grade and where to do your best Grade Farming

Grade is the currency used in the shop - appropriately. The easiest way to earn Grade is to go out into the world and battle enemies. Even after Tales of Berseria ends you can still go back into your save file to farm for grade before starting the actual story, so that's ideal.

This is the basic method: on higher difficulties you'll earn more Grade per battle, but you still need to perform well within the confines of each battle. It is called grading, after all. Choose your difficulty based on how comfortable you are with mopping up enemies confidently on any given difficulty and stick to it.

An ideal enemy to farm are those found in the Code Red Hunts - the Code Red Daemons. These powerful enemies will offer a further grade bonus for defeating them well. You'll also want to look out for the Marathoner's Ventite, unlocked in the Palamides Temple. This gives you a bonus for chaining battles together, meaning that if you manage successive successful battles you'll get a heftier grade bonus.


What's available in the Grade Shop for New Game+

If you're starting up NG+, you'll definitely want to indulge in some of the items in the grade shop. Each has a different effect, so you may be more inclined to chase some than others. Many of them allow you to carry over things unlocked or progress made into your NG+ save file.

Here's a complete list of the items in there. If you want to get them all you'll need 13,000 grade to purchase everything.

  • Carry over Library - 0 Grade
  • Carry over Shop Levels: 100 Grade
  • Carry over Art Use Count: 50 Grade
  • Carry over Glacite: 100 Grade
  • Carry over Cooking: 50 Grade
  • Carry over Katz Spirits: 50 Grade
  • Carry over Consumable Items: 600 Grade
  • Carry over Fashion Items: 50 Grade
  • Carry over Titles: 50 Grade
  • Carry over Equipment Proficiency: 400 Grade
  • Carry over Ventite: 100 Grade
  • Carry over Acerite/Ignicite: 100 Grade
  • Carry over Exploration: 50 Grade
  • Carry over Tales Coins: 50 Grade
  • Carry over Special Items: 50 Grade
  • Carry over Herb Enhancements: 1000 Grade
  • Expand Item Capacity: 500 Grade
  • Always Wandering (Doubles the encounter rate of Dire enemies): 250 Grade
  • Character Changer (Significantly lowers the cost of Switch Blasts): 500 Grade
  • Double Experience (Experience bonuses stack): 700 Grade 
  • Double Gald: 700 Grade
  • Half-Price Enhancing: 250 Grade
  • Max HP+1000: 500 Grade
  • Double Arte Learning Speed: 500 Grade
  • Half Experience: 10 Grade
  • Triple Experience (Experience bonuses stack): 3000 Grade
  • Enhanced drops: 1300 Grade
  • Double Grade: 1000 Grade
  • Max HP+1000: 500 Grade
  • Level Up Bonus: 500 Grade
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