Final Fantasy XV Guide: Carnival Moogle Quiz Answers

Final Fantasy XV's Moogle Chocobo Carnival provides a very different taste of the world of Eos - a fun-filled carnival that gives Noctis a chance to take a break from his princely duties and just chill out.

The Carnival is full of stuff to do and unlock, but you'll want to move relatively quickly - it's open for a limited amount of real-world time, only through the end of February. It's a freebie, so FF15 players wanting to get the most out of their investment should get involved fast.

Moogle Chocobo Carnival Quest: All About Moogles Quiz Answers

To get to this quest you'll want to head to the location where there's a Square Enix Cafe. It's hard to miss - just head to the East side of the city and you'll see it a mile off.

Once you get there, you want to talk to the Moogle - though it's clearly a person in a suit - that's near the entrance. There's a quest marker too, so you can't really miss it.

When you kick off the quest you'll have to choose between three different responses - "Kupo?", "Kupo!" and "Kupo..." Depending on which you choose, you'll get a different question.

Answering just one question counts as completing the quest, but you can repeat the quest and answer in a different Kupo-tone to get access to the other questions. Each question carries its own reward. The questions are below:

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Where can you buy Moogle doll materials?

This is the question for 'Kupo!' and the answer is 'Lestallum'.

How many Moogles are on display around the city?

This is the question for 'Kupo?' - the answer is 'About 60'.

What type of lures are Moogle shaped?

This is the question for 'Kupo...' - answer 'Minnow' to win.

Each question that you answer successfully will net you some medallions, and you can then use these around the carnival. Once you've answered all three questions, you're done - but there's plenty more ways to earn medallions spread throughout the carnival.

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