Final Fantasy XV Guide: Carnival Decorations Decoded Quest

Most side quests in Final Fantasy XV involve slaying monsters, fetching items, taking photos or a mixture of the three - standard RPG stuff. With their first free DLC outing, however, Square Enix is mixing it up. 

The Moogle Chocobo Carnival DLC for the game offers a very different type of side quest, and one such take on this is the Decorations Decoded quest-line. These are basically brain-teasers, and if one has you stumped... we have the answers.


Moogle Chocobo Carnival Quest: Decorations Decoded Solutions

First thing's first - you'll want to actually find the quest. FF15 is pretty good at pointing these out during this DLC, but all the same - it's in the far north side of the city.

Once there, chat to the NPCs looking after the area. Each is basically looking after one pile of presents and has a side quest NPC marker over their head. You basically have to decorate the park according to the rules of the riddle - the riddle will help you to work out what order to put the decorations out in. See - decorations, decoded. Clever, right?

Fountain Decorations: Decoded Puzzle

This one is in front of a fountain. The riddle: "Less 'kupo' than 'kweh s'ilvous plait, But a star-seated Moogle would make my day."

The correct order to answer is Chocobo, Moogle, Chocobo.

Staircase Decorations: Decoded Puzzle

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This one is, as you might've guessed, in front of a staircase. The riddle: "For every 'kweh' there is a 'kupo'. Between the squares, a Moogle must go. Atop the star, one bird shall doze, While another roosts left of the rose."

The solution is doubles - Chocobo, Chocobo followed by Moogle, Moogle.

Plaza Decorations: Decoded Puzzle

This puzzle is found in the plaza, surrounding the sculpture thing in the middle. The riddle: "A chorus of 'kweh' drowns out the 'kupo. Left of the star roosts a Chocobo. A Moogle sits on the circle's side. Left of the Square does another reside."

The solution to this one is the most complex - Chocobo, Moogle, Moogle, Chocobo, Chocobo.

That's it! Each one of these tasks you complete nets you some medallions, which can be used towards the main 'Interrupted by Fireworks' quest line to get yourself a mysterious Dream Egg item.

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