Nioh Glory Guide: how to earn glory quickly to buy rare gear

Glory is a special type of currency found in Nioh. An interesting naming convention, but let's put that aside from a moment. Glory is used in the Hidden Teahouse, a special area unlocked after completing the Spider Nest Castle. If you're just starting out in Nioh or in the newly released Nioh: Complete Edition for PS4 and PC that might all sound a little like a whole other language - but keep an eye out for these area names and you'll know when the time has come to embrace the Glory system.

Once you've completed the Spider Nest Castle, head to the Hidden Teahouse. In the Hidden Teahouse, you can join a clan and participate in Clan Battles which you can earn you stat bonuses, among other benefits. With Glory, you can buy rare items and equipment, but more importantly, you can also purchase new character skins and gestures.

Of course, you can run out and kill every soldier and yokai you come across. But if you'd rather have an (arguably) easier time with this process, follow our guide below!

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Farming Glory the fast and easy way - with corpses!

When you're running around in Nioh while playing online, you will likely come across a sword sticking out of the ground surrounded by a red spirit. These "graves" act like bloodstains in Dark Souls, symbolizing the exact spot where a player died. You can actually see their level and the equipment they had on when they bit the dust. Of course, not all of them are human-made - the ones with red names were created by the developers with preset gear. Otherwise, these are actual players.

When you activate a grave by holding down O, it summons an AI-controlled enemy called a Revenant. By killing these Revenants, you can obtain Ochoko cups, which are used to summon friends into your game for cooperative play; one or more pieces of equipment they are wearing; and most importantly (at least for this guide) - Glory! 

In order to take full advantage of this feature, you'll want to head to an early mission such as the Isle of Demons. These places are filled with the graves of players who have died to their inexperience with the game. This provides the perfect opportunity to farm large amounts of Glory in a short amount of time. Be prepared for a challenge, though - even a Level 1 Revenant can put up a fight if you're not careful.

Another perfect area is the sub mission "A Request from Ginchiyo". In this mission, you are joined by Lady Ginchiyo. Having her along makes it very easy to handle any of the Revenants you come across since she serves as a nice distraction. Just keep trying this mission over and over to rack up that Glory.

By focusing on low level areas, you'll quickly earn a ton of Glory. PVP will also provide another avenue to earn Glory - but if you want some fast, this is really useful. Important to note - even offline Revenants provide Glory. So get to killing!