Nioh Guide: Twilight Missions explained - Unlock Requirements, Rewards & more

While Nioh's main story takes you on a fairly set path throughout the game's map, Twilight Missions are a little different. They're basically harder variants of the regular missions you'll complete during the course of the story, but there's a twist: they're only available for a set period of time.

The Twilight Missions that are available will change every single day, and there'll only ever be two Twilight Missions available at any given time. This can lead to some frustration early on, since the day's Twilight Missions might be ones you haven't yet unlocked, but later on in the game you'll have access to pretty much all of them and be able to head on in for some super-challenging combat in familiar locales. 

Twilight Missions really are for the best of the best, and so we recommend sticking quite close to the level of the mission, which is indicated both in the menus and in our list of the missions below. Each Twilight Mission carries some fairly decent rewards with it, so they're well worth doing, especially as you reach the latter half of the game where you might want to put some energy into grinding. Enough nattering, anyway - here's the list:


Nioh Twilight Missions List

The Blessed Village

  • Level 15
  • Unlock by completing Isle of Demons
  • Rewards: Demon's Horn x2, Magatama, Iron Spirit Chunk (x4), 2640 Amrita, 14400 Gold

An Ominous Cavern

  • Level 20
  • Unlock by completing Deep in the Shadows
  • Rewards: Hank of Yokai Hair, Bangasa Rib, Fan, 3240 Amrita, 17400 Gold

The Squirming Sprite

  • Level 30
  • Unlock by completing The Spirit Stone Slumbers
  • Rewards: Highest Quality Tamahagane (x5), Highest Quality Wood (x5), Highest Quality Leather Kozane (x5), 4800 Amrita, 23400 Gold

Foreboding Seas

  • Level 49
  • Unlock by completing The Ocean Roars Again
  • Rewards: Umi-bozu's Eyestone, Prayer Beads, Spirit Iron Chunk (x4)

The Best and the Worst

  • Level 75
  • Unlock by completing The Demon of Mount Hiei
  • Rewards: White Tiger Fur, Medicine Case, Spirit Iron Chunk (x4), 18348 Amrita, 50400 Gold

The Bleeding Spider Lily

  • Level 90
  • Unlock by completing Memories of Death-Lillies
  • Rewards: Ogress' Claw, Highest Quality Wood (x7), Spirit Iron Chunk (x7)

Where Dark Forces Gather

  • Level 100
  • Unlock by completing The Defiled Castle
  • Rewards: Highest Quality Iron Kozane (x7), Highest Quality Leather Cord (x7), Highest Quality Ingot (x7)

Bearer of Ill Tidings

  • Level 125
  • Unlock by completing The Source of Evil
  • Rewards: Prayer Beads, Highest Quality Lacquer (x8), Summoner's Candle, 70164 Amrita, 80400 Gold

Evil in the Ether

  • Level 145
  • Unlock by completing A Defiled Holy Mountain
  • Rewards: Magatama, Shingiku Medicine, Spirit Iron Chunk (x8), Raven Tengu Feather


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