Horizon Zero Dawn Guide: How to Level Up Quickly

Horizon Zero Dawn may have several difficult settings – Easy, Normal, Hard, and Very Hard – but in each one, even if you’re at a secure level, all it takes is a few hits and you end up either seriously injured or at the Game Over screen. However, a few levels can make the difference between being stuck in a boss battle and finally moving on with the rest of the story that’s waiting for you.

Each level you achieve increases Aloy’s stats and earns you more Skill points to invest in new abilities. Skills and levels are equally important, and we’ve already got a guide for you on which are the best skills to obtain early on. Now, here are some tips on how to have an easier time while leveling up in Horizon Zero Dawn.


How to Earn Experience

Horizon Zero Dawn offers an abundance of opportunities for you to earn experience. You can hunt creatures, clear bandit camps, clear out corruption zones, complete minor side quests, reach the core of a Cauldron (a dungeon with a large mechanical beast waiting at its core), do Hunting Ground challenges, and finish a main story quest.

The Best Ways to Earn Experience & Experience Grinding

The best way to earn experience in Horizon Zero Dawn is by completing main story quests. However, chances are you’re probably looking for other ways to earn experience because you’re stuck on a main quest. In that case, we recommend attacking Bandit Camps and freeing hostages, clearing Cauldrons, and tackling higher-level sidequests.

Bandit Camps are fun and the stakes are quite low; you’re not fighting any huge monster in which you need to develop a proper strategy for. All you need to do is form a stealthy plan to eliminate as many as possible without being seen so that you have an easier time freeing the hostages at the center. Your Sharpshot bow is probably going to be your best friend for this type of sidequest.

Cauldrons have a lot more risk than Bandit Camps. They’re not hard until you reach the core – which you’ll want to override for your own benefit. This core, which is a relatively confined room, is guarded by a large monster, such as a Thunderjaw. You’ll have to prepare for an intense fight by being quick in forming an effective strategy to take this monster down, and you’ll have to do it in the limited space you’ve got instead of the open grassy field where you can freely and endlessly dodge.

Lastly, tackling higher-level sidequests that provide a good amount of EXP is always a good idea. Hunting monsters on the battlefield as you travel from place to place will net you some EXP, but if you want a good amount of EXP in a short amount of time, this is a good way to go. Higher-level sidequests tend to have multiple parts to completing them, for you don’t know where the story will go, and will thus allow you to net a generous amount of experience.

Horizon Zero Dawn is challenging, but it’s never difficult enough to make you feel like you can’t overcome an obstacle. Follow these tips, stock up on medicinal herbs and ammo for your supplies, use the right weapons and reliable armor, and you should be good to go!

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