Persona 5: Chihaya Mifune (Fortune) confidant choices & unlock guide

The Persona series is built on the foundation of the relationships and bonds built with others, and Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal continue that tradition, with the character relationships previously known as Social Links or S-Links rebranded as the Confidant and Cooperation system. Getting to know people better bestows considerable bonuses, and one of the non-playable characters you can get to know is Chihaya Hifune, who in the Velvet Room represents the Fortune arcana and branch of personas.

This page can guide you through your relationship with Chihaya Hifune thanks to the detailed list of every conversation you can have with her and all the choices, answers and options in those conversations that effect your relationship. Any option not listed has no effect! This can be used to level up your relationship fast and unlock the various bonuses, and even to pick her as a partner as she's a romanceable character

If you need help navigating your cooperation relationships with others, check out our full Persona 5 Confidant guide, which has every rank, character and choice in the game.


Chihaya Hifune Confidant Cooperation Relationship Guide - Fortune (La Roue de Fortune - X)

Here's every single rank and conversation choice for your relationship with Chihaya, either as a confident or in a relationship. The numbers you see next to answers indicate how many points it adds to the hidden stat that determines your cooperation rank; higher is better. You'll also find noted below when a romance can be kicked off with Chihaya. 

Don't forget that to get the maximum benefit from these answers you need to be carrying a Persona of the relevant arcana with you to get a bonus - so have a Fortune monster on you whenever you're with Chihaya. 

  • Chihaya is always found in Shinjuku at night, but it can't be raining. She'll be at her stall.
  • If you want to give Chihaya a gift, she likes the Star-shaped hand mirror, the Flower Basket and Sponge Cake - and you can find a full list of gifts she likes in our P5 gift guide

Rank 1:

  • From 6/22 on, you can interact with Chihaya in  Shibuya. Her booth is located down the side street at night. Getting this cooperation started has a few steps:
    • Talk to her and ask for a prediction. This scene triggers an event back home.
    • Go back to speak to her another day and purchase the Holy Stone for ¥100,000 Yen. (Yes, that much.) This triggers another event once you get home.
    • Go see Chihaya a third time about the Holy Stone. You'll get a mission for mementos: Ending the Boyfriend's Abuse.
    • Complete the Ending the Boyfriend's Abuse mission in Mementos, then go back to see Chihaya. This triggers rank 1 of this confidant relationship.
  • Unlocks Luck Reading, where a sitting with Chihaya temporarily boosts gains to one social stat.
  • Impactful Conversation Choices for this Rank:
    • Post-Rank 1: "You're pretty extreme…" +2
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Rank 2:

  • Impactful Conversation Choices for this Rank:
    • Choice 1: "Encourage her."
    • Choice 2: "Overturn your fate."
    • Choice 3: "Open your mind to change." +2
    • Phone Call (P5R): "Of course I am." +2

Rank 3:

  • Impactful conversation choices for this rank:
    • Choice 1: "Follow his heart."
    • Choice 2: "Thieves may steal her away."
  • Unlocks Money Reading allowing Chihaya to boost money gains in battle temporarily after a reading.

Rank 4

  • Impactful conversation choices for this rank:
    • Choice 2: "Trust in yourself." +3 / "Strengthen your will."
    • Phone Call (P5R): "I didn't do much." +2

Rank 5:

  • Impactful conversation choices for this rank:
    • Choice 1: "You're such a hard worker." +3 / "You must have a lot of free time." +2
  • Unlocks Fate Reading, which reveals upcoming abilities for confidants... not that you need that with this guide!

Rank 6:

  • Impactful conversation choices for this rank:
    • Choice 4: "You're just Chihaya to me." +3
    • Phone Call (P5R): "Be honest with yourself." +2
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Rank 7:

  • Impactful conversation choices for this rank:
    • Choice 1: "I don't think so." +3 / "You shouldn't have tricked them." +2
    • Phone Call (P5R): "Are you gonna be okay?" +2 / "Be careful." +2
  • Unlocks the Affinity Reading ability, which boosts your relationship with a chosen confidant.

Rank 8:

  • Rank 8 comes in two parts. For the first part, say whatever you want. This will give you a mementos sidequest/mission: Debunking the Psychic.
  • Once you've completed the Debunking the Psychic request in Mementos, return to Chihaya for more meaningful conversation.
  • Impactful conversation choices for this rank:
    • Choice 1: "I know." +3  /  "I had no idea." +2
    • Choice 2: All give +3
    • Choice 4: "Hell yeah, I am." +3
    • Phone Call (P5R): "It was all your own will." +2

Rank 9:

  • This is the point when a romance with Chihaya Hifune becomes available.
  • Impactful conversation choices for this rank:
    • Choice 2: "Well, fate can be changed." +3 / "That's all in the past now." +2
    • Choice 4:
      • Romance - "So I can be with you."
      • Friendship - "I like having my fortune read."
    • Phone Call (P5R if not romanced): "I'm planning on it." +2
    • Phone Call (P5R if romanced): "I wanted to hear your voice too." +2
  • Returns the ¥100,000 Yen spent to start this cooperation to you.

Rank 10:

  • Any choices you make will be irrelevant, since this is the max rank.
  • Unlocks Special Fate Reading, which previews all of the abilities that can be unlocked for any confidant you choose.
  • Unlocks Lakshmi for fusion.
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