Persona 5 Royal Kawakami confidant guide: Temperance choices, romance & gifts

A huge part of Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal is building friendships with the people around you, and Persona 5 features 21 different characters you can form 'cooperations' with. These characters, known as confidants, offer bonuses to your skills and are related to each of the arcana in the game. The Temperance arcana is represented by Sadayo Kawakami - your school teacher who can become something more

In previous Persona entries these were known as Social Links or S-Links, and they're functionally similar here in Persona 5. After a lot of time with the game, we've mapped all the relationships out - and thus can save you some headache. That's what we do on this page for the Kawakami confidant cooperation relationship, to make navigating the various choices easy. Despite the age gap, Kawakami is also a romanceable character.

For the same level of detailed help with all the other characters, head to our Persona 5 Confidant Guide for every conversation choice and unlock, handily listed out. 


Sadayo Kawakami Confidant Cooperation Guide - Temperance (XIV) 

Here we are - every rank and every conversation option during the Sadayo Kawakami confidant relationship; just use these as a guide to level the relationship up quickly. We also note the point at which you can turn this into a romance, if you're hot for teacher. Remember to carry a Temperance Persona with you when doing these scenes - that ensures you get the points value added to your confidant relationship that is displayed in this guide, as there's a bonus for carrying a relevant Persona. 

  • Days Kawakami is available: Available Friday / Saturday nights. Call from the phone in LeBlanc. 
  • Kawakami Gifts: Kawakami likes Brand Perfume and Truffle Chocolates as gifts, and a few other items we note in our best Kawakami gifts section below. You can see everything else she likes to recieve on our Persona 5 Royal Confidant Gift Guide
  • Confidant Deadline: This confidant relationship must be maxed out by November 18th in-game if you want to complete it, due to the way the story progresses

Rank 1:

  • Unlock Conditions: On 5/24 a story event will take place. Ryuji will be looking to hire a maid. Go to this event. After the event is over, talk to Kawakami in front of the Faculty Lounge at school to get her phone number.
  • Once you have her phone number, call her from the phone at Leblanc. You'll need rank 3 (staunch) guts to do so. She costs 5000 yen each time you want to hang out with her.
  • Unlocks Slack Off, which lets you spend class time performing activities such as making infiltration tools.+

Impactful Conversation Choices for this Rank:

  • It'll be our wittle secret, just for Becky and Master, okay? Can you keep a secret?
    • Option 1: "Yeah, I get it." +3
    • Option 2: "I will if you will." +2
    • Option 3: "Please stop talking like that." +2

Rank 2:

Impactful Conversation Choices for this Rank:

  • Doesn't it pain your heart to see such a cute maid all dirty?
    • Option 1: It does." +2
  • You weren't expecting to do anything weird with me, were you?
    • Option 2: "Absolutely not!" +2
  • Phone Call (P5R): Is that okay, Master?
    • Option 1: "You have the wrong number." +2
    • "Uh, what the hell?" +2
    • "Is this the hard sell?" +2

Rank 3:

Impactful conversation choices for this rank:

  • The high-end cup noodles really do make a difference, don't they?
    • Option 1: "Yeah, they do." +2
    • Option 2: "Do some real cooking." +2
  • I heard they might even cut the teachers' salaries... I'm so sick of it...
    • Option 2: "I'll request you more often." +3
  • Phone Call (P5R): You're still young, so you really need to eat properly...
    • Option 1: "Thanks." +2

Unlocks Housekeeping - Kawakami can make coffee or handle laundry for you.

Rank 4

Impactful conversation choices for this rank:

  • But he said that he prioritizes 'younger' women!
    • Option 1: "How rude." +2
  • I look pretty good as a maid, don't I?
    • Option 3: "You need to love yourself." +3
    • Option 1: "Yes, you do." +2

Rank 5:

Impactful conversation choices for this rank:

  • You know you're being used for money... and you still request me?
    • Option 1: "It's fun." +2
    • Option 3: "Who's the Master here?" +2
  • He threatened me... saying that I'd be dismissed if I continued to tutor Takase-kun.
    • Option 1: "How terrible..." +2
    • Option 3: "So, did you stop?" +2
  • Phone Call (P5R): Do you get to eat that place's curry every day?
    • Option 3: "You want some?" +2

Unlocks Free Time, which lets you slack off even more often at school.

Rank 6:

Impactful conversation choices for this rank:

  • Sorry... I need to take a break...
    • Option 2: "Want to rest a bit?" +2
  • I can't stop coughing...
    • Option 1: "Are you alright?" +3
    • Option 3: "You should go home." +3
    • Option 2: "Have you seen a doctor?" +2
  • Phone Call (P5R): If you neglect stuff like that, it makes you more likely to get sick.
    • Option 3: "How are you feeling, though?" +2

Rank 7:

Impactful conversation choices for this rank:

  • I should be able to send it out tomorrow...
    • Option 3: "Don't pay them." +3
    • Option 1: "Don't strain yourself." +2
  • I guess transferring to our sister company is the only way...
    • Option 3: "Think this through more." +3

Unlocks a Super Housekeeping - Now Kawakami can make curry or infiltration tools for you.

Rank 8:

Impactful conversation choices for this rank:

  • This is just what I have to do.
    • Option 3: "Is this what you really want?" +3
  • What do you think?
    • Option 2: "If that's what you've decided." +3
    • Option 1: "You're running away." +2
  • And that is my answer! ...Well, what do you think?
    • Option 1: "Be confident in your answer." +3
    • Option 2: "That's the right choice." +3
    • Option 3: "You're asking a student?" +3
  • As your teacher, I will never betray you.
    • Option 1: "I want to protect you." +3
    • Option 2: "That's reassuring." +3
  • Phone Call (P5R): It's thanks to you that I actually figured out what I need to do.
    • Option 1: "You're welcome." +2

After this, you'll be called to see Kawakami during the next school day. You'll get a request / sidequest: A Teacher Maid to Suffer.

Rank 9 [Romance Point]:

This is the point when a romance with Sadayo Kawakami becomes available. You must have completed the A Teacher Maid to Suffer sidequest / request to continue the Kawakami confidant cooperation. 

Be aware that this Romance requires a series of affirmative choices in order to trigger, not just one. Impactful conversation choices for this rank:

  • I bet I'll be an old woman by the time I achieve my dreams.
    • Option 1: "Nonsense." +3
  • Today marks the day I graduate from being your maid.
    • Option 1: "What a bummer." +3
    • Option 2: "Thank you for your service." +3
  • Besides, won't you be lonely? Hm?
    • Friendship - Option 1: "Not really." +2
    • Romance - Option 2: "I want to keep seeing you." +2
  • Giving someone the wrong idea... It's a sinful act, you know?
    • Friendship - Option 1: "Got it." +2
    • Romance - Option 2: "I mean what I say."
  • This situation isn't normal. I'm a teacher, and you're my student, you know?
    • Friendship - Option 1: "I'm a master, you're a maid."
    • Romance - Option 2: "I'm a man, you're a woman."
  • Phone Call (P5R if not romanced): "You can do it." +2

Rank 10:

  • Any choices you make will be irrelevant, since this is the max rank.
  • Unlocks Special Massage, a massage that'll let you go out at night after exploring the metaverse/shadow world.
  • Unlocks Ardha for fusion.

Best Gifts for Kawakami in Persona 5 Royal

Kawakami is given a gift in Persona 5 Royal. Giving gifts is a fast way to increase the confidant relationships.

As well as all of the confidant choices above to navigate the relationship with Sadayo Kawakami, you can also give gifts to enhance and level up your relationship more quickly. Like every character in the game there's a list of gifts that Kawakami loves more than the average, which leads to better gains.

We detail all of this in full over on our Persona 5 Royal gift guide, but below we've listed just a few of Kawakami's top gifts, so you know which to look out for especially:

  • Best of KGB49: This CD offers +3 confidant points for Kawakami. Get it from the Underground Mall in Shibuya.
  • Idol Pins: Kawakami loves the Idol Pins as a gift, giving you a +3 boost. Available from the Underground Mall.
  • Star Mirror: +3 boost to the Kawakami confidant relationship - get it from Shinjuku.
  • Super Noisy Alarm Clock: This is a more expensive gift, but it'll give a +3 boost with Kawakami.
  • Face Beautifier: This is only available in Persona 5 Royal, but in that version Kawakami gets a +3 boost off it.
  • Robot Vacuum, Heart Necklace, Heart Ring: All three of these can only be given to Kawakami if you're in a romantic relationship, but all are worth +3.