Valkyria Revolution gameplay: watch the first 40 minutes and more here

After what looked to be the death of the series after a couple of PSP outings very late in that console's lifetime, Valkyria Chronicles is back.

Helped along by a very successful PC port of the original game and a console port of that PC port, SEGA has resurrected the much-loved RPG from the last console generation with the end result being Valkyria Revolution, a new entry for PlayStation 4 and (somewhat curiously for a Japanese-made RPG) Xbox One. 

That's the good news. The bad news is... the game is a little on the rough side. We'll have more on that later on when we publish a full review, but if you're looking to get an idea of the quality of the game right now, well, we've been playing and we've got some video you might like.

Below you'll find the first 40 minutes of Valkyria Revolution in English from our official RPG Site YouTube channel. This video doesn't have any additional commentary - allowing you to soak in the localization and sound work in the game properly.

Below that you'll find another 18 minutes of gameplay from a little deeper into the game, if you want to see some more detailed non-tutorial combat in action.

That really is it for now - but keep your eyes on the site, as we'll have a scored review soon enough.