Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon EXP Share Location: how to get and manage this item to keep a balanced team

A major item in the Pokemon games for years has been the Exp Share, a vital item that allows you to give the inactive Pokemon in your party a share of the experience points you're earning with whoever is doing the fighting. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are no exception, and feautre the Exp Share as a fairly early-game item you can nab.

We've been hearing a fair few of you, dear readers, asking about when it shows up, and so it's probably worth breaking down in detail so you don't panic that you've missed it. And so...


Where to find the Exp. Share in Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon

Okay, so, here we go: you can't miss the Exp Share item in Ultra Sun & Moon - you just need to decide if you want it turned on or not.

Just in case you're flipping through the game's dialogue super quickly (and honestly, we couldn't blame you - this game is very, very slow sometimes), the Exp Share is thrust into your hands by Professor Kukui outside the Pokemon Trainer School that you find just off Route 1 in the very early phases of the game.

This is exactly where it was in the original Pokemon Sun & Moon, by the way - the Exp Share is one of the few things that wasn't changed at all. The exp share is perfect for leveling up weak Pokemon you're not ready to use yet such as the special Event Rockruff that you can currently get for free, or for keeping your team balanced.

Some players have complained about the Exp Share making the game too easy, since in this generation of Pokemon it gives a share of the EXP to everybody in your party, not just to one specific Pokemon. This does mean you can end up with an over-leveled party, so be sure to consider if you want it on or not depending on your gameplay preference.

The Exp Share is on by default after you recieve it, but to turn it off and halt the experience point sharing just open up your bag - you'll find it inside the Key Items Pocket of your bag. Select it and you'll have an option to turn it on or off.