Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon Fossils Guide: How to get every Pokemon fossil and revive Pokemon from them

Pokemon come in all shapes and sizes, but perhaps one of the weirdest is the prehistoric, when the Pokemon universe tasks a ten-year-old child with reviving a species via fossils. It's a tradition since the first generation of Pokemon games, and it proudly continues in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon where you find four fossils in each game which leads to four potential version-exclusive Pokemon.

Unlike past Pokemon games you're not forced to make an agonizing choice between a few different fossils - instead, you can get all four that are available in your game but will have to trade with the other game to see the remaining four. However, once you get them, it isn't exactly clear what to do with the Pokemon Fossils - and that's what we're here to help you with! With this guide, you'll be able to bring your Pokemon Fossils right back to life, using a helpful NPC to revive them into rare Fossil Pokemon. So - let's get to it! Conservation demands it!


How to get all the Pokemon Fossils and turn them into Pokemon

In order to get your hands on the Fossil Pokemon, you'll first need to get your hands on the fossils themselves. There are four total fossils in each game, and each fossil can only be found in a specific game. If you want to see all the fossil Pokemon available in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, you'll need to trade with other players. 

Instead of going spelunking intoa dungeon or cave, you'll find the fossils in Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon in a shop. Just head to KoniKoni City and look for the Stone Shop, which sells all manner of rare stones - including some handy fossils. You can buy them - they all cost 7000 Pokedollars a piece, and you're limited to only one of each - so you can't buy multiples. If you catch yourself a Ditto you can easily breed these Pokemon and trade them online to get all the Fossil Pokemon, however.

The old woman in the shop warns you that you're only allowed one of each, so that's a firm reminder. In Pokemon Ultra Sun she'll have the Helix Fossil, Claw Fossil, Skull Fossil, Cover Fossil and Jaw Fossil available. In Pokemon Ultra Moon she'll have the Dome Fossil, Root Fossil, Armor Fossil, Plume Fossil and Sail Fossil

In order to turn into actual Pokemon, you'll want to head to the Pokemon Center on Route 8 - you can fly there easily enough. From outside that Pokemon Center go up slightly until you're able to turn right into a forest. You'll find a guy in here along with his camper van/RV who will offer to revive your fossils for you. This farmer-looking guy talks about a dream park, or something, but the important thing is he can revive your fossils into living Pokemon!

So, what do you get for each fossil? Well...

Pokemon Ultra Sun Fossil Pokemon - Omanyte, Anorith, Cranidos, Tirtouga and Tyrunt and their evolutions

Pokemon Ultra Sun contains four fossils that can be nurtured into living Pokemon once more - and that's twice as many as there were back in the original Pokemon Sun! Nice. They are:

  • The Helix Fossil becomes Omanyte, one of the original Red/Green/Blue/Yellow generation Pokemon in Gen I. It's Rock/Water type and evolves into Omastar.
  • The Claw Fossil becomes Anorith, and that can evolve into Armaldo, a Rock/Bug type from Gen III.
  • The Skull Fossil turns into Cranidos, which evolves into Rampardos - a Rock type from Gen IV.
  • The Cover Fossil becomes Tirtouga, which evolves into Carracosta - a Water/Rock type from Gen V.
  • The Jaw Fossil becomes Tyrunt, which evolves into Tyrantrum - a Rock/Dragon type from Gen VI.
Fossil Pokemon in Ultra Sun

    Pokemon Ultra Moon Fossil Pokemon - Kabuto, Lileep, Shieldon, Archen and Amaura and their evolutions

    • The Dome Fossil becomes Kabuto, which evolves into Kabutops, a Rock/Water type from Gen I.
    • The Root Fossil becomes Lileep, whch evolves into Cradily, a Rock/Grass type from Gen III
    • The Armor Fossil becomes Shieldon, which evolves into Bastiodon - a Rock/Steel type from Gen IV.
    • The Plume Fossil turns into Archen, which evolves into Archeops - a Rock/Flying type from Gen V.
    • The Sail Fossil becomes Amaura, which evolves into Aurorus, a Rock/Ice type from Gen VI.
    Fossil Pokemon in Ultra Moon