Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon Pikachu Valley Guide: How to reach the valley and get the "I Choose You" Cap Pikachu

Pikachu Valley is a unique feature of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon where you will be able to play with loads of adorable Pikachu. Along with this comes a few unique rewards and the opportunity to get the exclusive I Choose You Cap Pikachu. Pikachu Valley can be found on Akala Island on Route 4, after entering Pikachu Valley you will be greeted and given an exclusive Pikachu-themed frame to use in in the Alola Photoclub. All of the Pikachu is intractable and can be played with. Keep this in mind as one of these Pikachu will be key in obtaining a brand new Z-crystal that only Pikachu can use, Pikashunium Z.


In order to receive the I Choose You Cap Pikachu, all you need is a special QR code which we've provided below. Using the game's built in QR code scanner with the Nintendo 3DS camera you can activate the event and get the I Choose You Cap Pikachu in-game. After scanning the QR code you will need to head to Pikachu Valley and speak to a man standing next to a Pikachu themed trailer in a yellow and blue striped shirt.Talk to this NPC and you will you will receive the Pikachu if you have space in your party. The man will not appear until you have scanned the QR code.

After receiving the I Choose You Cap Pikachu, a new Pikachu will appear on the top right of Pikachu valley. If you have the I Choose You Cap Pikachu on your team, the NPC Pikachu will give you the Pikashunium Z.

Additional activities are also available for the player to participate in, providing the player with two Pikachu themed cosmetic items. On the west side of Pikachu Valley is a guide who will ask if you want to try the Pikachu professor quiz. If you answer all of her questions right, you'll be rewarded with a Pikachu shirt and Pikachu cap. We've provided the answers below.

Pikachu Valley Quiz Answers

Question 1: By what part of a Pikachu's body can you tell whether it's a male or a female?
Answer: Tail

Question 2: What are the particular parts of Pikachu's cheeks called?
Answer: Electric Sacs

Question 3: What do you need to evolve a Pikachu into a Raichu?
Answer: Thunderstone

Question 4: How is a Shiny Pikachu different from more common Pikachu specimens?
Answer: Its coloring is darker

Question 5: Who is the first person to discover the existence of Pichu?
Answer: Professor Elm

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