Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon QR Codes: Island Scan Reusable QR Codes for rare Pokemon and Where to Find Them

Thanks to Twitter user KeithMontablo we've acquired reusable QR codes for the Island Scan feature in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Not only will these QR codes allow for unique Pokemon to be found on specific island locations in the Alola region, but using these QR codes will reward the player with twice the amount of points each. We have enclosed the QR codes below along with a list of Pokemon you can find on each island. For those unfamiliar with the Island Scan feature, you can find our in-depth explanation of this feature from vanilla Sun & Moon here.


Melemele Island QR Code Island Scan Pokemon

Squirtle - Monday
Onyx - Tuesday
Horsea - Wednesday
Scatterbug - Thursday
Bulbasaur - Friday
Litwick - Saturday
Charmander - Sunday

Akala Island QR Code Island Scan Pokemon

Spheal - Monday
Combusken - Tuesday
Honedge - Wednesday
Beedrill  - Thursday
Grovyle - Friday
Marshtomp - Saturday
Ralts - Sunday

Ula'Ula Island QR Code Island Scan Pokemon

Swinub - Monday
Prinplup - Tuesday
Grotle - Wednesday
Pidgeot - Thursday
Monferno - Friday
Axew - Saturday
Rhyhorn - Sunday

Poni Island QR Code Island Scan Pokemon

Aggron - Monday
Rotom - Tuesday
Leavanny - Wednesday
Chesnaught - Thursday
Greninja - Friday
Delphox - Saturday
Elektross - Sunday

You can find more of our guides for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon here. If you need any other assistance be sure to leave a comment below and others will be happy to help!