Monster Hunter World: Change Character Appearance option coming with the Hunter's Grooming Ticket - here's how it works

When it comes to creating a custom character in video games, mistakes certainly happen - and Monster Hunter World is no different. The first time you boot Monster Hunter World you'll be presented with a fairly in-depth character creator that gives you a lot of options for changing how your hunter looks - but you should be careful, since you'll still be looking at that character design a good forty-plus hours later, or possibly longer - our save is already at the eighty hour mark!

This means you need to choose carefully, but you're not entirely out of luck if you get bored of your appearance or later decide you've made a mistake. There are two ways to change your character appearance in Monster Hunter World, and on this page we're going to detail them. Broadly, they are as follows:

  • The free-of-charge way lets you change only limited aspects of your character, so you'll want to make sure you get your first character creation in chargen right. Once you've gone past and seen the opening events of Monster Hunter World, you'll have to pay to get a fresh character design without starting over.
  • You can, however, change your character appearance in full with a handy Character Appearance Change Ticket, aka the Hunter's Grooming Ticket - but you'll have to buy that ticket. More on that in a moment...

Once your hunter is ready to go, here's help with more of Monster Hunter World:


How to Change Character Appearance in Monster Hunter World via the Hunter's Grooming Ticket

Okay, so - if you're unhappy with an aspect of your character's appearance, you can remedy it a little in-game. For that you're going to need a Hunter's Grooming Ticket, an item that'll be made available in the Spring of 2018. This comes in two variants: a free version and a paid version. The free version of the Hunter's Grooming Ticket is considered a trial version since the system wasn't available at launch, and it's a one-time use deal. After that first time, you'll have to pay up.

The free Hunter's Grooming Ticket will be available from March 16th. Here's what you need to know about it:

  • The Hunter's Grooming Ticket will let you change your character appearance and sex fully. 
  • You can't change your Hunter's Name, however.
  • You can't change your Palico at all - name or appearance. 
  • One Ticket only applies to one character in any given account, so it's truly a one-time-use deal.
  • The Ticket will only be consumed after you have chosen Yes on the final confirmation dialog. So if you changed your mind before you finish editing your character, the Ticket will still be yours.

The price of the paid version of the Hunter's Grooming Ticket for changing character is currently to-be-determined

Changing your Character's Appearance in smaller ways for free

There are some options for changing your character appearance without paying, too. A big part of that is about equipping armor that has the look you want, of course, but you can actually groom your character a little to change their looks too.

All you need to do is head back to the hub in Astera and head to your Hunter's Quarters - your private room. You'll have been introduced to this very early on in the game's main story as part of the early tutorials, so if you've not been introduced to it yet keep playing for another half hour or so. Your room changes a bit as the game progresses, but once it's been unlocked you should always be aware of where it is.

Head into your room and once inside go straight to the item box. This will be familiar, as this is the same sort of chest you find at camp sites out in the field when you're hunting. In this menu you'll find the option to change appearance, and that'll let you edit a few aspects of your character.

You'll be able to change the following: 

  • Hair Style
  • Eyebrows
  • Facial Hair
  • Makeup
  • Clothing

Nothing else is available, however. This is what I meant - you can't change things like the shape of your face or the size or style of your eyes, so be very careful - as the reminding screen above shows, the main character creation when you create a new file has a lot more options than that. Pick carefully, as everything from the shape and size of your character right down to gender is locked in forever once you pass that screen.

If you want to change things up, however, head to your room and change the more superficial aspects of your appearance there. Even a Monster Hunter needs a haircut, after all.