Monster Hunter World Wyvern Gems: how to get the Wyvern Gem and Bird Wyvern Gem

There's a whole lot of loot in Monster Hunter World, and a great deal of it is used in recipes to create and upgrade various items in the game's absolutely huge menu of weapons and armor sets. One such item of loot you'll need quite a few of is the Wyvern Gem and its aviary counterpart the Bird Wyvern Gem

These rare gems drop from a variety of monsters, which we're going to go into below, and they can prove to be absolutely vital in upgrading a bunch of really great armor in both the low rank and high rank ends of Monster Hunter World's assignments and quests. So - let's get into it!

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Wyvern Gem drops in Monster Hunter World: where to find them

While most of the large-size boss monsters in Monster Hunter World are classified as various types of Wyvern, the actual Wyvern Gem can only be found by hunting a small number of said monsters. 

It's always a rare drop, and your chances of seeing it increase on high rank quests. Here are the monsters you should be grinding out in the hopes of getting a Wyvern Gem or two to drop:

  • Barroth (by far your best shot, we think)
  • Radobaan
  • Tobi-Kadachi
  • Jyuratodus
  • Diablos

Keep in mind that capturing monsters to bring them in alive will give you a higher chance of getting these rewards, so consider giving that a try if the grind is getting you down. This is ultimately down to luck, however, so keep trying and eventually good things will happen.

Bird Wyvern Gems in Monster Hunter World: where to get them

As well as the regular old Wyvern Gems there's also the Bird Wyvern Gem, and while it's not quite as sought-after as the main Wyvern Gem it's still pretty useful since it's used to craft and improve the Pukei-Pukei Armor Set

Thanks to that fact it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out where in Monster Hunter World the Bird Wyvern Gems are most likely to drop - they can be dropped from Pukei-Pukei itself, which is very handy since you'll need the other rewards and carves from that monster for its armor anyway.

As with the regular Wyvern Gems, expect to have to grind a few times to get the quantity you need.