Monster Hunter World: How to Change Armor Color and Pigment

When you get to the high end play of Monster Hunter World, your mindset towards hunting will very likely begin to change. You won't just want to hunt - you'll want to look good doing it. Thankfully, there's a system for that: in Monster Hunter World, Armor Pigment allows you to change the color of your armor to a custom color scheme.

Before we get into armor colors and pigments in detail, it's important to note that this is only available on high rank armor. If you need more information on those, check our our armor guide and our showcase of all the high rank armor in the game. High Rank gear unlocks after you hit six star assignments as part of your progress through the main quest. The game will make it quite clear once they unlock - if you don't have them yet, keep hitting the main story.

Once your hunter rank is high enough, forge some high rank gear and then you'll be ready to change your colors and pigment to be real fashion trendsetter.


Color & Pigment in Monster Hunter World: How to Change Armor Color

Okay, so - you want to change the color of your armor. First of all you'll need to be off-mission, and you'll need to be in the hub area of Monster Hunter World, the inviting home of Astera. Once you're there, there's actually two ways to change the pigment to change the color of your gear...

Changing Pigment & Colors during Forging at the Smithy

For one, you can change armor color and pigment at the Blacksmith in Astera while you're crafting High Rank armor. All you need to do is head in to begin crafting as you usually would, then 'preview' the piece of armor you want. This will give you access to the menu where you can select your color from a range of forty different colors, as pictured above.

You can choose to apply that color to either one piece or a whole set of the armor, and when you forge the armor it'll come out with that color scheme, no matter how outlandish it is - from a full-blown recoloring to a simple pigment change. No additional materials are required.

If you want to change it, you can do that, too...

Changing Pigment & Colors at any time in your room

The other way you can change the pigment and color of your armor in Monster Hunter World is to head to your room and head to the item box that you have there. You'll know where your room is within Astera for sure by the time you reach high rank, as the game reaches it early on.

This is actually under the same menu option where you can change your character appearance, but once you're wearing the right gear that can change pigment a new option will appear - Change Armor Pigment. Pretty simple, right? You'll need to make sure you're wearing whatever armor you want to recolor.

You'll be given access to the same menu and can once again go wild with the same 40 colors. What are you waiting for? Go set a trend!

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