Monster Hunter World Poogie Costumes: how to get all of the hidden outfits for Astera's pet Poogie

In Monster Hunter World it's not all about killing and carving - you can take some time out to take on some of the more lovable wildlife as pets, and one such little beastie that'll warm your heart is Poogie, the adorable little pig that hangs out in the Astera hub zone. Better still, you can get new costumes for Poogie, with these cute outfits allowing you to change how the little guy looks to your tastes.

Poogie is a little different to the other creatures you can bring back to Astera - unlike when you capture monsters and pets, Poogie is in Astera by default so long as you've got Monster Hunter World's day-one patch. Your Poogie will just be pottering around the main hub world of Astera, and given he's only got little legs he won't get far.

Poogie looking fly? Now prep your hunter with our range of Monster Hunter World guides:


Befriending Poogie so you can have him hunt for items (including costumes!)

When you find Poogie you'll need to pet him. With your sound on, approach Poogie and press the Cross / A button. A little jingle will play - this is similar to the meat cooking mini-game, where you need to stop petting Poogie at the right moment to leave it pleased. When an exclamation point appears over his head, stop petting by pressing Circle / X. If you do this Poogie will be happy, and if you fail, prepare to eat a headbutt. As you do this hearts will appear around Poogie's head, and when you've done this enough times you'll then be able to pick up Poogie and carry him around - and this is how you use him.

Poogie has a few uses - you can dress him up in cute costumes, and you can also set him loose in Astera in order to find items. This includes loot for you and your hunting including things like Monster Bone S and Elemental Crystals but also includes special costumes that Poogie himself can wear.

You can only collect one item at a time between doing quests, so you'll have to head out on missions before Poogie will feel like letting you use him for tracking again. As a warning, you shouldn't put your Poogie down near the stove in the canteen, as he'll think he's about to be cooked and run away, then not showing up again until you've finished a few more missions. That's wasted time, so avoid that.

As you walk around Astera carrying Poogie you'll find that occasionally your controller will vibrate. When it does, it means that you're near something - a hidden item that Poogie can dig up. Sometimes these are costumes, but everything he can find is useful in some way. The costumes are the most sought-after items, however - and so below we'll list all the outfits for Poogie we've found and where to find them...

Poogie Costumes List - all Poogie Outfits in Monster Hunter World

Before you go off in search of these Poogie Costumes, remember that you can only have Poogie dig out an item once between missions. Choose which ones you want in which area carefully. Each of these is uniquely cute - so grab them all as soon as you can! If you want to see them in action, check out the video above, which goes well as a visual aid for these explanations of where to grab each Poogie Costume.

  • Memorial Stripes - this is Poogie's default outfit, the one he appears in as standard.
  • Hog in a Frog - this Poogie Costume evokes frogs, and you can get your hands on it by carrying Poogie to meet the Laid-back Botanist in the Botanical Research Area. Pop him down next to the scoutfly lamp on the right side and Poogie will then find his new outfit.
  • White Jammies - this cute little Ram-like outfit is found in the Ecological Research Area - just take Poogie to the big fossilised slab that's in the corner. Drop Poogie around here and he'll go and dig up the costume all on hiw own.
  • Apprentice Fiver - this outfit makes Poogie look like he's one of the Fiver adventurers, complete with goggles and saddles. The costume is found by the Commander's table. Look for a white flag near the huntsman and place Poogie here - his keen nose will soon lead him to this new costume.
  • Emperor's New Duds - this is a cute costume for Poogie - a crown of royalty and some pants, but not much else! These are found by the workshop/smithy/forge - head through the door and up the stairs on the left. This leads to a viewing platform - put Poogie down on this platform and he'll find this gear.