Monster Hunter World Street Fighter event: how to get Ryu armor, hadouken and shoryuken emotes and more

Not content with just content from Horizon Zero Dawn at launch, Monster Hunter World has now launched its second special collaboration event and challenge - and this time it's all about another famous Capcom series, Street Fighter. The Street Fighter event in Monster Hunter World will give you access to a few cool new Street Fighter themed items, but you'll have to complete the challenges before the event expires if you want to get them.

In the first phase of the event you'll be able to get your hands on the Ryu Armor, an armor set that makes you look like Street Fighter's famed wandering warrior. There's also emotes for the Hadouken and Shoryuken (that do damage!), chat stickers and a Street Fighter themed guild card background and pose. In a later phase of the Event you'll also be able to get an armor set that makes you look like Sakura, another beloved Street Fighter.

Here's how to get the Street Fighter Event Gear in Monster Hunter World:

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How to get Ryu's Armor and SFV Ticket items for crafting Street Fighter 5 items in Monster Hunter World

Currently, the Street Fighter 5 event in Monster Hunter World is PS4-only. That's because as it currently stands, you have to have a Street Fighter 5 save file on your system to trigger the quest - or you have to be invited to the quest by somebody with a save. The quest will be opened up to everyone later on, but there's a period of exclusivity for Street Fighter owners, and of course Street Fighter isn't on the Xbox - so PS4 only for now. If you don't own Street Fighter but are on PS4, there's a work around which we'll explain in a moment.

First off, this is a Challenge Quest, so you'll need to trigger it from the Arena lady in the Gathering Hall. Post the quest like any other: the goal is to defeat a gigantic Barroth, and the quest is called "Down the Dark, Muddy Path". It's a three-star quest, though this Barroth is really big, so go in prepared for a challenging fight.

Completing the quest either solo or alongside others will get you materials needed to craft the Ryu Armor at the smithy. The key item you need is an 'SFV Ticket' - you'll need seven of these plus a smattering of other materials to make the complete Ryu armor set. The number of SFV Tickets that drop from the challenge quest depends on your grade, ranging from one to three. The Ryu armor set can only be worn all as one piece, and though it's serviceable it's not a piece of armor that's going to be suitable for high-end play - it's really just for fun. 

You'll be able to find the Street Fighter Hadouken and Shoryuken emotes in the real cash shop. They actually do a little damage, but they're very weak - so nothing groundbreaking or worthwhile apart from the joke value.

Accessing Monster Hunter World's Street Fighter 5 Event Quest without a save file 

If you want to get into the Street Fighter 5 event quest but don't own a copy of Street Fighter to use the save file from, you'll need to join another player who does. This is easy if you've got a fighting game player friend, but if you don't it can be a little more stressful. Still, you can still find the quest if you navigate the menus carefully:

  • Head to the quests menu and hit online session.
  • When searching for an online session, filter the search so it only shows hosts about to do an event quest. Find one doing this quest.
  • Complete the quest and pick up your rewards - when you're done, you'll be able to head to the smithy and craft.