Final Fantasy XV Armiger Unleashed - how to get the Founder King's Sigil to unlock Royal Edition's new powerful attack mode

Final Fantasy XV gets another big upgrade today - the latest in a long line of improvements - with this one coming alongside the launch of FF15 Royal Edition on console and FF15 Windows Edition on PC. There's both DLC and a new, repackaged version of the game that features a lot of additions, but one major new one is Armiger Unleashed.

Seasoned FF15 fans will remember that Armiger is the special powered-up mode of Noctis that he unlocks as he gathers the power of the ancient kings to his side over the course of FF15. Armiger is pretty cool to begin with, but once you get Armiger Unleashed you can truly let rip with this power - and this is an all-new, secret addition for the Royal Edition of FF15.

Here's how it works and how to get it, both in video form and in a handy text description if you'd prefer the information that way...

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Armiger Unleashed: how to get the Founder King's Sigil Accessory to unlock Armiger's true potential

New to FF15: Royal Edition and the PC version of the game is the Armiger Unleashed mode as we explained above. You'll need the Royal Edition DLC to get this, or if you buy the Windows Edition or new retail Royal Edition it'll be included as standard. 

The key item you need to access Armiger Unleashed is the Founder King's Sigil, so unlocking it is all about finding that item. First, however, you'll need to obtain all 13 Royal Arms for Noctis. 

If you haven't done that already, check out our guide to the Royal Arms Locations, which lists where and how to get every one in detail. Each is in a dungeon.

When you've got all of the Royal Arms you'll want to head back to the Hammerhead sort of area of the map, near the entrance to Insomnia. You should remember this from early in the game - specifically, you'll want to head near to the first dungeon you visit in the game, Keycatrich Trench. Here it is on a map:

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This is where Cor leads you in Chapter 2 of the game, and where you have a brief skirmish with some Nifelheim troops.

Eagle-eyed fans will notice something a little new in this area, right near the entrance to the Keycatrich Trench dungeon...


It's appropriate that the Sigil be found here, so close to the first Royal Arm you get your hands on. Within this area you'll find there's now a statue of a king of old. When you interact with it, it'll reward you the Founder King's Sigil - but only if you have all of the other Royal Arms.

The Founder King's Sigil's description: 'Crest containing the combined strength of all the rulers of yore. Awakens Noctis to the true power of kings.'

Once you have the Founder King's Sigil, all you need to do is equip it, given that it acts as an accessory. Once Noctis is wearing it you're ready to go nuts with this very powerful new form of Armiger. Enjoy breaking FF15! 

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