Final Fantasy XV Terra Wars quest: how to start the new cross-over questline in version 1.26

Back during their Tokyo Game Show 2018 stage event, Square Enix announced a number of different collaboration DLC for Final Fantasy XV, including Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Sengoku Action Puzzle DJ Nobunaga. The most significant new piece of collaboration DLC is actually a tie-up with Terra Wars, the third entry in the Terra Battle series. 

This is significant for a few reasons - but mostly because Terra Wars and Terra Battle are the creation of Mistwalker - the company of original FF creator Hironobu Sakaguchi. So in a sense, one of the FF creator's newest creations is finally in the FF universe again.

Terra Wars is scheduled to be released next spring despite the fate of Terra Battle 2. The main protagonist, Sara, will join the fray to back up Noctis during this special quest that will be added to Chapter 5 of FFXV. But how do you get into the quest, and what are the rewards? Let's get into it...

How to start the Terra Wars Quest in FF15

There are a few requirements to start the Terra Wars quest in Final Fantasy XV in order to have Noctis meet Sarah. Here's where you need to be at in the game before the quest will appear:

  • First, you'll need the correct version of the game - Version 1.26 or 3088734.
  • You'll need to be on Chapter 5 of FF15 or later. You can reach the quest through the late-game return to the past feature, too.
  • You must be playing as Noctis - not a custom avatar.
  • Keep in mind that once you start the Terra Wars quest, you won't be able to save until it is complete. The game auto-saves when you begin the quest, however.

Once you've fulfilled these requirements, check your quest log. You'll see a new quest appear with a purple-colored quest name, making it quite unique. 

The quest marker will lead you to a large new item installed in FF15's game world - before the bridge in the Malmalam Thicket area of the map. This thing is very conspicuous, so you can't miss it. Heading up to the plate will allow you to interact with it, and that'll kick off the Terra Wars/Terra Battle event quest where Noctis meets Sarah.

FF15 Terra Wars Quest Reward: Sarah's Shortsword

Sarah was of course sort of named by Sakaguchi for the Princess in Final Fantasy - so it's appropriate she's crossed over into Noctis' world, albeit briefly. Once you complete the Terra Wars quest you'll automatically get a neat new reward - a sword, Sarah's Shortsword. Here's the stats of the quest reward sword: 

Sarah's Shortsword

The sword of the world's savior. Imbued with a holy power, its attack increases when HP is at max.

Attack: 179, Magic: +9, Spirit: +15

Additionally, some tracks from Terra Wars will be added to the music player track list: 'Tsukihikari' and 'Clay Models'.


Other additions in this update: Tomb Raider and DJ Nobunaga cross-over items

As mentioned earlier, in addition to the Terra Wars content, FF15 version 1.26 also includes some Shadow of the Tomb Raider and DJ Nobunaga cross-over items. Unlike Terra Wars these don't have an associated quest or any of that - they just pop into the world. Here's what they are and how to get them:

New Avatar / Comrades Multiplayer Clothing:

  • DJ Nobunaga Tee (1500 gil from Iris in Comrades, or via Official Treasures) 
    • Article of clothing to be worn on the upper body. Stylish T-shirt showing off some wild and crazy warlords.
  • Lara Croft's Ensemble (10000 gil from Iris in Comrades, or via Official Treasures)
    • Full outfit for the entire body. Modeled after the ensemble by the intrepid tomb raider herself.

New Music Player Tracks:

  • Tomb Raider Original Soundtrack - Main Theme
  • Tomb Raider Original Soundtrack - Sacrifice
  • Tomb Raider Original Soundtrack - Goodbye Paititi
  • DJ NOBUNAGA Original Soundtrack - Chocobo Theme (Yasutaka Nakata Remix)


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