Kingdom Hearts 3 Hercules Statues & Dolls Locations: where to find all of the Golden Hercules Statues

After you have thwarted Hades' plan and restored peace to Olympus in Kingdom Hearts 3, you can return to the world to hunt out collectibles, explore the area and tackle side quests.

There are five Golden Hercules statues to locate for a young boy who, rather enthusiastically, is displaying his incomplete figure collection on a stall in the Agora. When you speak to him, he explains that he just needs a "set of Golden Hercs" and then his collection will be complete. Indicating that they are hidden around Thebes, he asks whether he can have any of the statues that you manage to find.

The statues are hidden all around the world of Olympus, but with our guide you can easily track down the five Hercules Statues, or Hercules Dolls if you prefer. Your reward will be the Heroes Belt armor - a really useful accessory that gives you significant defensive buffs.

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First Golden Hercules Doll / Statue Location

Recovering the first Golden Hercules statue is easy enough. Head back to the save point and use Select an Area to warp to the Overlook. After the area has loaded, you will see the statue directly in front of you on a stone bench. Wander over to it and press Triangle (or the Y Button) to collect it. At least we know what we're looking out for now. 


Second Golden Hercules Statue / Doll Location

From the Overlook, head down the nearby stairs and, after defeating the Heartless that appear, run to where you slide down the roofs. You will need to gain enough momentum on the second roof to land on the stone shield, on which you will find the second Golden Hercules doll randomly lying on it. If you mistime the jump, worry not as you can use Flowmotion to run up the wall and try again. Two down, three to go.


Third Golden Hercules Doll / Statue Location

Jump down from the shield, and continue to explore the ruined streets until you reach the Gardens. You should see a blonde-haired character, who will reward you with a Mythril Gem for saving his life once you speak to him. He's standing outside a damaged storeroom that, if you wander inside, is where you can collect the third Golden Hercules statue.


Fourth Golden Hercules Statue / Doll Location

Continue running through the Gardens area, and you will soon come to where we saw Pete digging beneath the paving slabs to help Maleficent search for the black box in an earlier cutscene. While he didn't find what she was looking for, what he has uncovered is the fourth Golden Hercules statue - thanks, Pete! You will see it sat in one of the holes that he dug up, so be sure to grab it. That means that there's one left for us to recover.  


Fifth Golden Hercules Doll / Statue Location

The fifth, and final, Golden Hercules statue is back where we started. You can use the Gardens save point to warp back to the Agora or make your own way there if you feel confident enough. Head east and up the stairs to an area called The Big Olive, and then take a left turn northwards. The building that you need is on your right, and, in the back corner, you will see the last statue placed next to some stone slabs that have been left to be used for repair work.


The Hero's Belt Is Your Reward

That's it! We now have all five Golden Hercules statues, and we can return to the young boy in the Agora to receive a well-earned reward. Excited to complete his collection, you will be handed the Hero's Belt. This Armor "grants a moderate boost in Defense and a small boost in Thunder, Water and Aero Resistances," and will be a huge help in conquering the early worlds in Kingdom Hearts 3.