Kingdom Hearts 3 Synthesis Material List: Adamantite, Orichalcum+, Damascus, Fluorite and other synthesis material farming locations

It really wouldn't be a good, proper RPG without some serious crafting action, and Kingdom Hearts 3 doesn't disappoint with its crafting options in the Moogle Shop Workshop, the welcome return of Synthesis to the KH series. As ever, you'll need a range of synthesis materials in order to make items, however - and getting them together isn't always easy.

Synthesis is well worth doing, however. Once you've completed the KH3 photo missions in order to unlock blueprints, your next step will be to use those blueprints to create powerful new items you can use in battle. If you want to do things like tackle the post-game KH3 Battlegates, you'll need the best gear you can get. Some of those items, including keyblade upgrades and crafting ultima weapon, require very specific materials... but that's where we come in to help.

this page, we list all the synthesis materials in KH3, plus methods of farming them by defeating certain enemies in certain areas who are likely to drop them. This guide is a work-in-progress, so this isn't an exhaustive synthesis item drop list yet - and if you have something to add, please let us know in the comments


Synthesis Materials List: where to find the key ingredients for upgrades and crafting in KH3

We're going to break this guide into a couple of sections. First, here's a list of what we're calling 'key ingredients' - the synthesis items that are rarest and most key to crafting the upgrades to all keyblades in KH3. You might notice that several items can be found in 'battlegates.' For more info on those and where to find them, go read our full KH3 battlegates guide. Anyway - here's every ingredient:

Where to get Fluorite in Kingdom Hearts 3

Fluorite is used as one of the major, most frequently-used ingredients in keyblade upgrades and item synthesis in KH3. It can be found one of a few ways:

  • You can get Fluorite in space during Gummi Ship missions. Simply shoot at the asteroids and sometimes they'll drop Fluorite.
  • After you reach a certain point, Fluorite will be for sale in the Moogle Shop for 500 Munny.

Where to get Damascus in Kingdom Hearts 3

Damascus is another key ingredient in crafting of improvements of your keyblades in the workshop. Here's how you can get it:

  • Like Fluorite, Damascus can be found out in space when flying your Gummi Ship. It'll drop from asteroids & crystals you can destroy with your weapons, and those asteroids respawn, ideal for farming. Just look for the Blue Crystals in particular - these appear in all three areas of space - Starlight Way, Misty Stream and The Eclipse.

Where to get Adamantite in Kingdom Hearts 3

Adamantite is yet another major keyblade upgrade ingredient in Kingdom Hearts 3, and it's another hard-to-find ingredient - but it has similar spawn properties to the last few synthesis ingredients...

  • Adamantite can be found in space when you're in your Gummi Ship. KH3's world map space is divided into three segments, and Adamantite can spawn from the meteors you can blow up in the latter two areas - Misty Stream and The Eclipse. It appears that the later area, The Eclipse, has a slightly higher spawn rate.
  • Adamantire also appears in chests in worlds. This particular synthesis ingredient appears in treasure chests in the last few worlds - Sanfransokyo and The Caribbean.

Where to get Orichalcum in Kingdom Hearts 3

Orichalcum, the vanilla kind, is nearly as rare as the elusive Orichalcum+ and it can only be farmed from blasting asteroids in The Eclipse. 

  • Like Adamantite and Damascus, Orichalcum can be found in space when you're in your Gummi Ship. Orichalcum can only be found from asteroids in The Eclipse, and it's fairly rare. Make sure to equip the gummi ability that increases drop rates, and then sit back and blast away for a bit.
  • Orichalcum also appears in chests in The Carribean. You won't find many of these lying around to be gathered in the world, but you can grab a few in the secret treasure trove found at the south end of Sandbar Island.

Where to get Orichalcum+ in Kingdom Hearts 3

Yet another high-end keyblade upgrade ingredient for use in the workshop is Orichalcum - it shows up in some synthesis as well, including as part of creating Ultima Weapon. You can grab these in a few different places - there are seven total in the game, and getting them all is needed to craft Ultima Weapon.

  1. Treasure Chest in the Caribean: In a treasure chest on Exile Island
  2. Treasure Chest in the Final World (from the Keyblade Graveyard): After being transported to the Final World and back from the Keyblade Graveyard, return using the red teleporter, and there will be a treasure chest containing the Orichalcum.
  3. Moogle Shop Postcard: Obtain as a random reward when maling a Postcard obtained from a moogle shop.
  4. Frozen Slider Mini-game Reward: Acquire all ten treasures that can be found in the Frozen Slider mini-game, which you can access by talking to Elsa at the Mountain Ridge.
  5. Seven Princess (Pudding) Mini-game Reward: Earn a high score in all 7 flan mini games.
  6. Lucky Emblems Reward: Take pictures of 80 Lucky Emblems
  7. Gummiship: Defeat the Omega Machine in the Eclipse, this is the 5-rank boss that requires completing most of the other battles in the area, and then the boss appears at the top of the pyramid.

Other Synthesis Ingredient Locations in KH3: full material list

With our 'key ingredients' out of the way, let's turn our eye towards the other synthesis materials in Kingdom Hearts 3. These other items range in rarity, but for the most part they all drop from Heartless enemy encounters in the game (and also, in some cases, other methods) - and on this page we list what world and what enemy you can farm to try to get the synthesis material you need to drop.

Blazing Shard, Blazing Stone, Blazing Gem & Blazing Crystal

  • Farm Blazing Shard from Vermilion Samba heartless enemies in Olympus or Bizarre Archer heartless enemies in Kingdom of Corona
  • Post-game, Blazing Shard and Blazing Stone are both dropped in the first battlegate.
  • Blazing Stone drop from Vermilion Samba heartless enemies in the Olympus world
  • Pole Cannon heartless enemies also drop Blazing Stone in San Fransokyo
  • Blazing Gem can drop from the Rail Grind section in either Olympus or San Fransokyo.
  • In the post-game, you can get Blazing Crystal from Battlegate 12, one of the harder challenges

Frost Shard, Frost Stone, Frost Gem & Frost Crystal

  • Frost Shards drop from the Winterhorn heartless enemies in Arendelle
  • The Frost Stone can drop from the Frost Serpent heartless enemy in Arendelle
  • You also have a chance of a Frost Stone dropping from a Sea Sprite in The Caribbean
  • The Frost Gem can appear as a drop from the Sea Sprite heartless enemy in the Caribbean
  • Another good source for Frost Gems is to target the wings of Frost Serpents in Arendelle, you can also ride snowballs and break them open once they get large enough for extra Frost Gems
  • Lastly, the Frost Crystal appears as a rare drop from the Frost Serpent in Arendelle.

Lightning Shard, Lightning Stone, Lightning Gem & Lightning Crystal

  • The Lightning Shard can appear as a drop from the Solider heartless in Arendelle
  • The Lightning Gem is a rare drop from the Tireblade heartless enemy in San Fransokyo
  • Once the main story is over, you can get the Lighting Crystal, Lightning Shard and Lightning Stone as drops from the enemies in Battlegate 4
  • Battlegate 1 also has drops of the Lightning Gem
  • The best place for Lightning Crystal is Battlegate 12.

Betwixt Shard, Betwixt Stone, Betwixt Gem & Betwixt Crystal

  • Grab yourself a Betwixt Shard from the Dusk nobody enemy
  • The Betwixt Stone is a drop from the Sniper nobody, found in San Fransokyo
  • Get a Betwixt Gem to drop from the Reaper nobody enemy - you'll see this in Arendelle
  • All four types of Betwixt synthesis materials can drop from Battlegate 9 post-game

Twilight Shard, Twilight Stone, Twilight Gem & Twilight Crystal

  • Both the Twilight Shard & Twilight Stone synthesis materials drop from the Dusk nobody enemy rarely
  • The Twilight Gem & Twilight Crystal meanwhile drop from the Gambler nobody found in the Caribbean
  • For Twilight Shard, Gem and Stone, try Battlegate 9 once those challenges unlock - the enemies within drop them
  • For Twilight Crystal, you want to defeat Gambler enemies. Go to the Fort in the Caribbean world. Make your way to the Settlement and you'll run into four on a bridge. From here, head towards the docks and you'll find four more in a clearing before the Docks. From the Save Point at the Docks, warp back to the Fort and repeat.

Lucid Shard, Lucid Stone, Lucid Gem & Lucid Crystal

  • The Lucid Shard drops from the Malachite Bolero heartless in Kingdom of Corona
  • To get a Lucid Stone, defeat the Air Soldier heartless - these are quite common across the game
  • For a Lucid Gem, defeat the Chief Puff heartless in Kingdom of Corona. Remember, the Chief Puff is also an objective for the KH3 Photo Missions. You can also fight them in Battlegate 7.
  • For Lucid Crystal, the fastest way is to go to the Isle of Luck in the Caribbean. You'll find three Anchor Raiders here. Once defeated, go back to your ship, warp straight back to the Isle of Luck (yes you are warping to where you already are to respawn the enemies), and repeat.

Soothing Shard, Soothing Stone, Soothing Gem, Soothing Crystal

  • The Soothing Shard drops from Toy Soldiers in the Toy Box world, especially in the Kids Korral area
  • You can also get Soothing Shard synthesis materials from Water Cores in the Caribbean
  • To get a Soothing Stone, defeat a Marine Rumba heartless in Arendelle or The Caribbean
  • The Soothing Gem Synthesis material, beat a Spear Lizard heartless in the Caribbean and hope for a drop - they're found on the Isla de los Mástiles
  • All four Soothing synthesis materials can drop from the enemies in Battlegate 10 once unlocked.

Writhing Shard, Writhing Stone, Writhing Gem & Writhing Crystal

  • The Writhing Shard & Writhing Stone are a drop from the Shadow heartless across the worlds
  • Writhing Gems & Writhing Shards also drop from the Fluttering enemies found in Monstropolis
  • You can also grab a bunch in the Kingdom of Corona by just fighting the bat-like heartless in the cave leading to Rapunzel's Tower.

Hungry Shard, Hungry Stone, Hungry Gem & Hungry Crystal

  • The Hungry Shard and Hungry Stone synthesis materials both drop from the Popcats heartless in the video game store of the Toy Box world. You can also find these enemies in Arendelle, up a short way from the Gorge Save Point.
  • Earth Core enemies also drop Hungry Shard materials on occasion. You can find these elemental Heartless in Olympus
  • The Hungry Gem is a rare drop from the Frost Serpent heartless you encounter in Arendelle. You can get Hungry Crystals from blasting their tails before they dive under the snow

Pulsing Shard, Pulsing Stone, Pulsing Gem & Pulsing Crystal

  • Both the Pulsing Shard and Pulsing Stone can appear as drops from the Powerwild heartless that can be found in the Kingdom of Corona
  • The Earth Core enemy can also drop Pulsing Shards, and is found in Olympus
  • For a Pulsing Gem, hit a Satyr heartless in Arendelle. These enemies can also drop Pulsing Stones
  • You can get both Pulsing Stones and Pulsing gems by hitting the globe in Andy's Room. 
  • If you need a Pulsing Crystal, find a Large Body heartless - common throughout the game - and cross your fingers for a drop. Pulsing Crystal is one of the most tedious items to drop, so consider making these through synthesis instead.

Wellspring Shard, Wellspring Stone, Wellspring Gem & Wellspring Crystal

  • For a Wellspring Shard or Wellspring Stone, find the Lady Parasol nobody in Arendelle or Kingdom of Corona - they can both drop there
  • The Powerwild enemy in Kingdom of Corona can also drop Wellpspring Shards
  • For a Wellspring Stone, look for a drop from the Pogoshovel enemy type in Monstropolis
  • Wellspring Stone can drop from Pole Cannon enemies in San Fransokyo
  • Wellspring Gem can be nabbed from the Turtletoad in Monstropolis
  • For a Wellspring Crystal, try the Tireblade or Air Solider enemies in San Fransokyo
  • Wellspring Crystals can also drop from other heartless enemies in San Fransokyo including ShadowsSoldiersNeo Shadows and Pago Shovels
  • Battlegate 12 in San Fransokyo is a great source for Wellspring Crystals, which can be found on top of a building near the north district Save Point

Sinister Shard, Sinister Stone, Sinister Gem & Sinister Crystal

  • As a general note, Sinister items can only drop from Unversed, which are only found in Monstropolis
  • Sinister Stone, Sinister Shard and Sinister Gem synthesis items can be grabbed as a drop from Flower Snake enemies in the Monstropolis world.
  • The Sinister Crystal can also be found in Monstropolis, just look for the Spiked Turtletoad heartless enemy. You can find one in the Tank Yard area.

Mythril Shard, Mythril Stone, Mythril Gem & Mythril Crystal

  • Destroying Asteroids & Blue Crystals in your Gummi Ship in space can sometimes rarely drop Mythril Stone and Mythril Shard. 
  • You can also actually create Mythril Shard, Stone, Gem and Crystal via synthesis using Twilight and Betwixt materials
  • You can also get Mythril items from destroying objects inside of the Labyrinth on Arendelle