Kingdom Hearts 3 Battlegate Locations: all battlegates battle portals for unlocking secret reports

Once you finish the main story of Kingdom Hearts III, your journey with Sora and company isn't really over unless you want it to be. There's lots of extra content to explore - including Battlegates, the KH3 equivilant of high-end end-game raid content.

Each battlegate basically puts you up against a range of enemies from that area of the game in an encounter designed to really test your skills to the absolute maximum. Battlegates are rated between 1 and 3 stars, and some of the 3 star ones are by far and away some of the most challenging fights in Kingdom Hearts III.

In order to survive these fights, you'll want to grind out the rest of KH3 to have the best gear and chance possible. You'll want to get all keyblades and craft Ultima Weapon, improve your keyblades using synthesis materials, complete the Photo Missions to unlock more accessory blueprints to create and equip and finally make sure you use KH3's cooking system to buff your party.

Once you've done all that, get ready to challenge these powerful fights - in the process unlocking even more powerful equipment and the intriguing plot-thickening secret reports as rewards.


Kingdom Hearts III Battlegates: battle gate locations & rewards, including Secret Reports

Here it is - every battle gate in KH3, where they are and what you'll be rewarded for completing them - including all of those sweet, next-game teasing Secret Reports.

Battlegate 1: Olympus

  • Battlegate Difficulty: 1 Star
  • Location: Olympus - Realm of the Gods
  • Nearest Save Point: The Summit - head upstairs from this save point to reach the Realm of the Gods area
  • Reward: Fire Cufflink, Secret Report #1

Battlegate 2: Olympus

  • Battlegate Difficulty: 2 Star
  • Location: Olympus - the apex of the mountain
  • Nearest Save Point: Apex area - turn around from the save point and go through the large gate behind Zeus
  • Reward: Cosmic Belt+, Secret Report #2

Battlegate 3: Twilight Town

  • Battlegate Difficulty: 2 Star
  • Location: Twilight Town, just outside the Old Mansion
  • Nearest Save Point: The Old Mansion
  • Reward: Evanescence Crystal, Secret Report #3

Battlegate 4: Toy Box

  • Battlegate Difficulty: 1 Star
  • Location: Toy Box world, the Kid Korral area
  • Nearest Save Point: Kid Korral
  • Reward: Mega Elixer, Secret Report #4

Battlegate 5: Toy Box

  • Battlegate Difficulty: 2 Star
  • Location: Galaxy Toys in the Toy Box World - right near the exit of the toy store
  • Nearest Save Point: Galaxy Toys Entrance
  • Reward: Thunder Cufflink, Secret Report #5

Battlegate 6: Kingdom of Corona

  • Battlegate Difficulty: 2 Star
  • Location: Kingdom of Corona - Wetlands. 
  • Nearest Save Point: Wildflower Clearing
  • Reward: Illusory Crystal, Secret Report #6

Battlegate 7: Kingdom of Corona

  • Battlegate Difficulty: 1 Star
  • Location: The Forest area of the Kingdom of Corona world. It's not far from the tower - head through the vine door out to the next area, and head right.
  • Nearest Save Point: The Tower
  • Reward: Airo Cufflink, Secret Report #7

Battlegate 8: Monstropolis

  • Battlegate Difficulty: 1 Star
  • Location: Tank Yard area found in Monstropolis. It's in the area where, as part of the story, you had a mini boss battle.
  • Nearest Save Point: Door Vault
  • Reward: Illusory Crystal, Secret Report #8

Battlegate 9: Arendelle

  • Battlegate Difficulty: 2 Star
  • Location: Labyrinth of Ice area, as found in Arendelle. Head to The Gorge, then enter the Labyrinth. Take the elevator in the room with the portal. On the middle tier's larger room, head past the room with all the stairs, and you'll find this battlegate in the room to the NE.
  • Nearest Save Point: The Gorge
  • Reward: Evanescent Crystal, Secret Report #9

Battlegate 10: The Caribbean

  • Battlegate Difficulty: 1 Star
  • Location: The Huddled Isles area of The Caribbean world. There's a cave hidden away if you look around this island - the battlegate is inside. If you start at the Undersea Cavern, go forward past the area where you fought an underwater battle, and keep going, and you'll surface and find the battlegate soon enough.
  • Nearest Save Point: The Huddled Isles
  • Reward: Water Cufflink, Secret Report #10

Battlegate 11: San Fransokyo

  • Battlegate Difficulty: 2 Star
  • Location: San Fransokyo's North District area. It needs to be daytime to access this Battlegate. Grind on some rails on the traintrack that take you to a tunnel on the West side of the map, where this gate is found. It is in the far NW portion of the map, on the train tracks.
  • Nearest Save Point: North District
  • Reward: Ying-Yang Cufflink, Secret Report #11

Battlegate 12: San Fransokyo

  • Battlegate Difficulty: 1 Star
  • Location: The Central District of San Fransokyo. From the nearby save point, run up the building behind you. It's at the top of the round building on the east side of the map.
  • Nearest Save Point: North District
  • Reward: Blizzard Cufflink, Secret Report #12

Battlegate 13: Keyblade Graveyard

  • Battlegate Difficulty: 2 Star
  • Location: The Badlands area of the Keyblade Graveyard world. Head south from the Badlands save point.
  • Nearest Save Point: Badlands
  • Reward: Celestriad, Secret Report #13

Battlegate 14: Keyblade Graveyard

  • Battlegate Difficulty: 3 Star
  • Location: Keyblade Graveyard, the Badlands area. From the save point, head north.
  • Nearest Save Point: Badlands
  • Reward: Crystal Regalia, New Selfie Pose