Kingdom Hearts 3 Flantastic Seven guide: where to find every flan & flan high scores

Kingdom Hearts 3 already has its fair share of quirky characters, but none more so than the Flantastic Seven (yes, that's FLantastic Seven and not Fantastic Seven, as we keep seeing online). These seven food-loving flans are hidden in each of the seven Disney and Pixar worlds that you will visit, and, once found, will challenge you with a different minigame that will reward you with abilities, ingredients and more if you achieve a high score. 

For those that are hunting the Platinum trophy (or full GameScore), finding and completing the seven Flantastic Seven minigames will also reward you with the Flanmeister trophy (or achievement). That means that it's something that is certainly worth getting out the way, but it's worth pointing out that the flans won't appear until after you have completed the story for each world.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Flantastic 7: flan locations & high scores

You will want to keep trying until the Flantastic Seven reward you for your efforts with ingredients. These are needed for the trophies related to collecting every ingredient and cooking all meals, whereas completing each of the Flantastic Seven minigames once will tick them off in your Game Records on the Gummiphone.

If you manage to achieve the high score in all seven minigames, you will also receive an Orichalum+ (a vital synthesis ingredient) and the Flanniversary Badge.

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Banana Flan Location

World: Monstropolis
High Score: 20,000
Rewards: Grand Magic Extender and Banana x 3

Starting at The Factory: Basement save point, look to your right and interact with the white door to reach The Door Vault. After following the corridor that you now find yourself in, you will reach a wall of doors - you want to use the brown door on the bottom row, second in from the left. This will take you to the Upper Level, where, if you turn around, you will see the Banana Flan's crown (and a yellow Lucky Emblem made from doors in the distance).

In this minigame, you must defeat the smaller flans while dodging the giant flan's attacks. Luckily, the smaller flans are one-hit kills, meaning that it is the giant flan that will be the most troublesome. Remember to keep moving, and dodge when necessary (Square Button) to keep your distance. 

For this challenge, it's easiest to do when you have Thundaga magic. Simply dodge roll around the big flan and try to make the most out of your magic meter as possible.


Cherry Flan Location

World: Olympus
High Score: 20,000
Rewards: Formchange Extender and Sour Cherry x 3 

Another simple one to reach. From the Thebes: Overlook save point, run up the stairs right behind you and you will the Cherry Flan at the top. 

In this minigame, you use Goofy's Trinity Sled to run into as many flan as you possibly can within the time limit. There are arrows placed on the floor that will lend you a boost once you run over them, but, be careful, as using them also risks sending you in the wrong direction at times.


Grape Flan Location

World: Arendelle
High Score: 20,000
Rewards: Unison Blizzard and Grape x 3 

From The North Mountain: Mountain Ridge save point, leap off the mountain between where you start and the Moogle Shop. There's a permanent Aero spell that will launch you into the sky near the edge if you need something else as a reference. As you skydive, you should be able to see the Grape Flan's crown in the distance to your left. 

In this minigame, you must defeat the flans as fast as possible, with the chance to use their magic against them by successfully blocking it. After you have finished, you can only leap off the mountain to the southwest where you will land at The North Mountain: Snowfield save point


Honeydew Flan Location

World: San Fransokyo
High Score: 15,000
Rewards: Attraction Extender and Melon x 3

Start from The City South District: Night save point, and, behind you, you should see the John's Fashion Center building. Climb up to the rooftop, look to your left, and you need to reach the building with a circular roof between to the left of the giant red sign. Once you reach it, you will soon see the Honeydew Flan.

In this minigame, you are challenged to bounce on the five flans to stay aloft for as long as possible. To make things trickier, once you bounce on one it will look up and open its mouth in an attempt to eat you - meaning that you will need to watch out for that and bounce on another less ravenous flan. Look out for whenever a flan has a golden sparkle, as bouncing on that will fling you to another rooftop - which you will need to do


Orange Flan Location

World: Kingdom of Corona
High Score: 23,000
Rewards: Treasure Magnet and Orange x 3 

From The Forest: Hills save point, turn around and follow the path behind you. After a small pond on your right, you should come to a clearing where you will see the Orange Flan's crown in the middle.

In this minigame, you will need to take at least seven photos using your Gummiphone - make sure that you have enough space in your photo album. Around the area are several different flans of different sizes performing different activities. You need to try to photograph each flan at the "picture-perfect moment," which basically means when they perform a pose. You will only have one chance to take a photo of each flan - after which they applaud your efforts before disappearing.

Different Flans have different poses and points. The flans that give the most points are a group of five flans (take a picture when they all pose in unison), flans jumping into the air (take a picture at the apex of the jump), and a few tiny flans when they appear. There's one near the secret entrance that leads to the tower, and another that runs out of a bush to the SE, near a cave.

You will be graded on the photos that you take and awarded points accordingly, although the "picture-perfect moment" never really feels that obvious to be able to score an Excellent.


Strawberry Flan Location

World: Toy Box
High Score: 17,000
Rewards: Attraction Extender and Strawberry x 3

The Galaxy Toys: Rest Area save point is where you will want to start, as you will see the Strawberry Flan's crown straight in front of you. Easy.

In this minigame, using the Mad Tea Cups attraction, you must bump into as many flans as you can within the time limit to stack them up. But, there are flans rolling around on toy berries that you must avoid, as colliding with them will knock flans off your wobbling pile. You also need to be careful as, once your stack reaches a certain height, you need to keep in an area where you aren't hitting the ceiling, too.


Watermelon Flan Location

World: The Caribbean
High Score: 28,000
Rewards: Focus Syphon and Watermelon x 3

The Watermelon Flan is nearest to the Port Royal: Fort save point. Take a right under the archway and into the courtyard, and you will see the flan's crown in front of you.

In this minigame, you must use four cannons to protect the fort from a "flanvasion." Remember that you can slam the bell between the four cannons to fire them all at once, but this will need time to recharge.