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Anthem: how to get the Legion of Dawn armor and other pre-order bonus items

If you're about to start your journey in the world of Anthem and are something of an early adopter, you might have some pre-order bonus items that you can pick up - including the Legion of Dawn armor, a great little armor set for all four types of Javelin in the game.

In order to get your bonus items, you'll need to complete a few steps in-game - the bonuses including the Legion of Dawn armor won't appear in your inventory automatically. Essentially, you have to actually 'claim' these bonuses - the game calls them rewards and has a menu option entirely dedicated to it - but it's not open from the very start of the game.

Remember, if you're playing pre-launch (prior to February 22), the Legion of Dawn armor and other rewards will only be available to Origin Access Premier members. Otherwise, you'll be able to follow these steps from February 22.

Anthem: how to get the legion of dawn armor and other pre-order bonus items

In order to get your bonus items including the Legion of Dawn armor, you'll need to unlock and then use the Rewards tab of the in-game Vanity Store. This unlocks when you've done and completed certain early-game things:

  • Complete Anthem's tutorial missions
  • Talk to Prospero at his stall in Fort Tarsis. He'll give you a mission - go ahead and complete that, then talk to Prospero again once you have
  • Once that mission is complete, you'll be able to access the store. Do so
  • Once you have access to the store, hit the Rewards tab and claim your items there
  • Take note, once you've claimed an item from the rewards tab in the store, it'll be marked with a tick so you now you've had it and can't take it again

Once you have the items, remember they can be equipped in different places. For the majority of items including the Legion of Dawn armor and vinyls, you'll want to use the Forge. Banners are equipped via the Squad menu. 

Anthem Pre-order Bonus List

What bonuses might you have? Here's a list of all of them, just to avoid confusion - as if just buying the game wasn't enough to deserve access to all this stuff.

  • Legion of Dawn Ranger Armor Pack and Legendary Weapon: 
    • Ranger Legion of Dawn gear includes Legion of Dawn Helmet, Torso, Arms and Legs, and the Light of the Legion legendary weapon.
    • Also included is a Legion of Dawn vinyl and metal, equipped via the forge.
  • Founders Player Banner: equippable via the Squad Screen.
  • Ranger Javelin Exosuit Legendary Gear Attachment: the Fist of the Mountain assault launcher.
  • Anthem Digital Soundtrack: downloadable via Origin.
  • Edge of Resolve vinyl: GameStop exclusive pre-order reward
  • Wildwood vinyl: ASUS exclusive vinyl
  • Lone Wolven vinyl: Origin Access / EA Access exclusive
  • Vigilance vinyl: VIP pre-launch demo reward
  • Guardian of the Fort vinyl: VIP pre-launch demo reward
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