Final Fantasy XII Teleport Stones: how to get more teleport stones in The Zodiac Age

The world of Final Fantasy XII is one of the most sprawling, impressively huge lands in the entire lengthy history of the FF series - and that means you'll want to travel around  them as quickly as possible. That's where Teleport Stones and Crystal Gates come in handy - and on this page we're going to explain how to make sure you have a good teleport stone stock so you can fast travel whenever you want.

Before we get started on ways to actually get teleport stones in FF12, it's worth noting the basics about them. Teleport stones are essentially a currency for using fast travel, and fast travel can take place between any two crystal gates you've used before. Crystal Gates are the orange crystals that you use to save the game - so after a short while, you'll have a good number of them available to you.

Being able to fast travel can make your life a lot easier, be that if you're tracking down specific bazaar loot, completing hunts, grab the best weapons or just farming LP for the license board. Anyway, here's how to farm the stones.


Final Fantasy XII Teleport Stones: how to get more teleport stones in The Zodiac Age

Teleport stones are a rarer item in FF12, but the deeper you get into The Zodiac Age the more readily you'll be able to find - and even buy - these items.

Here's a few ways you can get teleport stones guaranteed: 

  • Various jobs and marks will offer Teleport Stones as a reward
  • Montblanc will also give you Teleport Stones as a reward here and there if you're regularly completing hunts.
  • Certain shops sell Teleport Stones: 
    • You can buy Teleport Stones from Skyferries (the shops aboard the various Airships) - but only once you've entered Mt Bur-Omisace for the first time. They cost 200 Gil.
    • The clan shop in Muthru Bazaar in Rabanastre will also sell them once you reach the Highest Clan Rank.

Enemies can also drop Teleport Stones, if you happen to be grinding - here's a youtube video that talks a little about that, plus our list of enemies to farm:

In addition, the following enemies have a chance to drop Teleport Stones at random:

  • Bagoly
  • Baknamy
  • Dark Skeleton
  • Emperor Aevis
  • Gorgimera
  • Oiling
  • Silver Lobo
  • Speartongue
  • Urutan-Yensa
  • Vivian
  • Wildsnake
  • Yeti

Teleport Stones can also be stolen from the following enemies if you have the steal command available:

  • Abysteel
  • Archaeoaevis
  • Humbaba
  • Steeling
  • Werewolf