Monster Hunter World Iceborne Pearlspring Macaques Capture: The Best Way to Clear the Pearl Snatchers Event Quest

Why You Want to Clear the Pearl Snatchers Event Quest


Completing the limited Pearl Snatches Event Quest will give you a ticket that, once you receive 3 of them, can be combined with a few more materials to craft the Pearlspring (Alpha)+ headpiece, which is quite literally just a Pearlspring Macaque latched onto your head. It's cute, it's silly - what more reason do you need? Clearing the quest is pretty easy, too - especially if you know the best place to find the 6 Pearlspring Macaques required to clear the quest.

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Where to Find the Most Pearlspring Macaques


If you've already cleared the Boaboa Communication quest, then you'll probably have already figured this out, but the best place to gather Pearlspring Macaques is from the hidden hot spring in Area 17. Shoot a wingdrake with some slinger ammo in Area 2, latch on, and away you go! On a good day, you'll see upwards of 8 Pearlspring Macaques lounging around, and along with grabbing some Macaques in Area 2 before heading up, you'll probably quickly have all of the Macaques you need. Otherwise, head to Area 6 if you still need 1 or two Macaques.

Something to note - Macaques won't dart from you on sight, however, they'll start to (slowly) run away once you shoot the Capture Net out. So be sure to grab the monkeys quickly! Make sure to remember to do the Event Quest two more times to get the rest of the tickets that you'll need to craft your adorable new hat, separating countless Pearlspring Macaque families in your wake! It's alright, though, they'll feel right at home in your room. Good luck, and happy hunting!