Monster Hunter World Iceborne Hot Spring Stone: How to Complete the "Treasure in the Steam" Quest

Much like in the basegame, Monster Hunter World: Iceborne contains a quest that asks the player to uncover the location for a transport item, and carry it all the way back to base to be delivered. Although this time you won't be transporting an egg, or Lumps of Meat, but rather a rather elusive item called a Hot Spring Stone. You'll want to know where to find them and which path to take to deliver them if you want to complete the optional villager request "Treasure in the Steam"

However, how exactly are you supposed to deliver these stones, and what's the best way to do so? Well, we've made a handy video detailing the steps - so before anything else, take a look at the quest in action:

Hot Spring Stones: How to Deliver Hot Spring Stones for the Treasures in the Steam Quest in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

If you're looking to tackle the Master Rank 4-star quest "Treasures in the Steam", you can find the Hot Spring Stones in question in Area 13, as shown in the video above. Make sure that you've unlocked the Western Camp in Area 5! It's not too far of a jog from the pick-up location, but you absolutely cannot deliver the stones to any other camp - if you haven't noticed by now, every other camp in the Hoarfrost Reach requires you to duck to enter, which you won't be able to do with a stone in your hands.

If you're having trouble with this quest or any other transport quests, another important tip would be to craft the Kulu Ya Ku's "Kulu Vambraces" all versions of the armor piece in both Low Rank and High Rank, and the Alpha version of the armor piece in Master Rank, come with Pro Transporter, which increases your running speed while transporting items and helps protect against dropping them! This armor piece is an absolute must if you're having any difficulty finishing these quests.

To craft the armor piece in Low Rank will require 2 Kulu-Ya-Ku Scales, 1 Kulu-Ya-Ku Hide, and 3 Iron Ore. High Rank variants will set you back 4 Kulu-Ya-Ku Scale+'s, 2 Kulu-Ya-Ku Hide+'s, and 3 Carbalite Ore. Master Rank necessitates 2 Kulu-Ya-Ku Thickhides, 1 Kulu-Ya-Ku Shard, and 3 Eltalite Ore.