Code Vein Goddess Statue Guide: How to find your next objective to advance the story

During your first few hours in Code Vein, your main objective will be to find The Source, in order to figure out just where all these Blood Beads are coming from. Louis will task you to find three tres so that he can then track down their roots and locate this mysterious place. However, after a couple of hours, a few areas and some tough boss fights, you might find yourself with nowhere left to go.

Now, after finding that the trail leads to a place you’ve already been, Mia, your newest party member suggests to use the Goddess Statue in order to access a new area. Your only clue is that it’s somewhere in the city you have already explored. If you are having trouble finding it, then this guide will help you. In fact, you might have seen the statue already but since it wasn’t important before, you might have forgotten where it is!


How to get to the Goddess Statue

Getting to the Goddess Statue is easy once you know where to look for it. While Mia doesn’t give you a lot to go on in terms of information, if you’ve been diligently exploring all the areas you have access to then you probably already stumbled upon the statue or maybe even the obvious closed path it eventually opens, wondering just how you get up there.

For starters, you will need to use the teleport system from any mistle and warp to the Park Ruins, in the Ruined City Center area. This is the area that leads to the Butterfly of Delirium boss fight which you probably already beat a couple of hours ago. However, instead of heading to the boss arena, you will need to walk close to the edge to your right as you spawn from the mistle. When you see a ladder, go down to the area below.


From there, you need to walk straight until you find a winged statue. This is the Goddess Statue you’ve been looking for. Once you interact with it, the statue will lower a new ladder that you can now use. Go up and you will find a tunnel. After going through the long area transition, you will finally find yourself in the Cathedral of Blood, the next area in the story. You won’t find any enemies on your way to the first mistle of the area, so you can relax a little before being thrusted into the biggest area in the game.