Code Vein Ornate Key: Where to find and where to use this elusive key

Your adventure in Code Vein will take you through many different areas, but few are as labyrinthic as the Cathedral of Blood. Taking from the iconic Anor Londo from Dark Souls as its visual inspiration, this is an area that will truly taste your patience and probably make you understand that the map Code Vein has is not your friend.

This will be most apparent when you stumble upon the door that needs the Ornate Key. If you’ve been paying attention, then you surely have noticed you have been getting a number of different keys in the Cathedral of Blood to open certain doors but the Ornate Key is by far the hardest one to get. If you find yourself stuck, not knowing where it is, then this guide is for you. Not only will we tell you where the key is, but just in case we’ll also guide you to the door it opens, because it’s easy to get lost in the Cathedral of Blood.


Where to find the Ornate Key

As it turns out, the Ornate Key is actually hidden in plain sight. If you travel to the Cathedral Perimeter mistle, you will notice that there’s a chest you can’t reach as you go up the ladder in order to continue exploring. That chest right there is the one that has the Ornate Key you will need to progress the game. Getting there, however, is harder than it looks.

You actually need to start from the Inner Tower mistle, which should be the next one you unlock after the Cathedral Perimeter one. From there, you need to take the path that leads to the northeast of the map (this is based on the direction the map points in the pause menu). You should see a ladder that you need to climb. Once you do, you will find to ways to go. The path to the key is to the left, through the door that is closed.

After you open the door and defeat the enemies, you will find yourself in a circular room. You need to drop down not once, but twice. Be careful, however, to not drop all the way down. You’ll know you’re on the right track when the only two exits you can take are one with a knight and one with a bridge that has some trees to the side. Take the exit with the bridge.


Here you will find a mistle you can purify in order to unlock more map and a ladder. You probably saw the mistle from the other side of the room when you stumbled upon the door that needs the Ornate Key before. Go down the ladder to cross yet another bridge with white trees and shortly after you will finally spot what you were looking for: the treasure chest. Once you open it, you will have the Ornate Key. If you drop down, you’ll be at the Cathedral Perimeter mistle.

Where to use the Ornate Key


Now, you have the key. Do you remember how to get back to the door that needs it? If you need a little help (which honestly, no one would blame you considering how this Cathedral is), then all you need to do is go back to the Inner Tower mistle. Go to the northeast path again and climb the ladder. This time, the path we want is on the right, down another ladder.

After going down, you will have to take care of an enemy patrolling the new circular room you’re in. This room has two exits, but the one you need to get to find the door is the one to that has yet another ladder going down. Once you follow this new path you will see the mistle you recently purified on your way to get the key but from the other side of the chasm.


In this room you will have two ladders: one going up and one going down. You have to go down twice, and you will arrive at another bridge with trees by the side. Open the door at the end of the bridge and you will be in yet another circular room that has an opening in the middle and a bunch of dead bodies. Go through the exit where the bodies are and after crossing another bridge you will finally arrive at the door where you can use the Ornate Key.