Persona 5: Haru (Empress) confidant choices & romance guide

The adventure in Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal is all about living a double life - that of a master thief undertaking daring supernatural heists and, of course, the day-to-day drama and humdrum of being a teenager and a student. The biggest challenge in the latter is of course the relationships - and in Persona, how well you know your classmates and allies will even impact you in battle.

On this page, we're going to detail the confidant co-operation for Haru Okumura, who represents the Empress arcana - aka Limperatrice - III. We list every conversation you can have with Haru as part of ranking up her confident relationship, which in this game is officially called a co-operation. By using this guide you can always say the right thing at the right time and level up your relationship quickly. Haru enters the game quite late and she's a romanceable confidant, so time may well be of the essence if she's the target of your desires.

Don't forget that we have all the other characters covered, too: visit our Persona 5 Confidant guide, which features all conversation choices, romance options gifts and skills. 

Despite being late to join the playable party in Persona 5, the Haru Confidant cooperation remains an important one - and we've got the choices.

Haru Okumura Confidant Cooperation Guide - Empress (Limperatrice - III)

Below you'll find all ten ranks of your confidant relationship with The Empress, Haru Okumura. It features any choices that impact the relationship, plus makes clear when you're about to enter into a romance

For the record, the +1, +2 and +2 points you see refer to how much is added to the invisible stat that tracts your confidant cooperation. The more points, the faster you level up. There's also a point bonus for having a Persona of the correct Arcana in your stock when you hang out with Haru - so whenever you're with her, have an Empress arcana Persona to hand. Also, don't forget gifts, which can also boost your relationship. 

  • Haru is usually found on the rooftop of the school after school. She's not available on Sunday or when it rains.
  • Haru likes gifts like the Heart Necklace, Chocolate Truffles and Glass Vase to name a few - but check out our full Persona 5 Gift Guide for the full list of what she enjoys.

Rank 1:

  • After 10/30, find and chat to her on the school rooftop. On Sundays, she hangs out at the school gates. (Go home, girl!) 
  • Unlocks Cultivation, which allows you to grow vegetables on the roof.
  • Impactful Conversation Choices for this Rank:
    • Post-Rank 1: Any choice +3
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Rank 2:

  • Requires Rank 5 (Transcendent) Proficiency.
  • Impactful Conversation Choices for this Rank:
    • Choice 1: "Are you opening a cafe?" +3 / "Are you starting a farm?" +3 / "You like coffee?" +2
    • Choice 2: "He sounds suspicious." +3
    • Choice 3: "This is a complex issue." +3 / "You might be wrong." +2 / "Maybe you should fire him." +2
    • Phone Conversation (P5R): Any choice =3
  • Unlocks Baton Pass ability, letting you pass Haru's turn to other Baton Pass users in battle after a 1 More.

Rank 3:

  • Impactful conversation choices for this rank:
    • Choice 1: "It'll be okay, I promise." +3 / "They won't find out." +3 / "A phantom thief wouldn't worry." +2
    • Choice 2: "I don't want to go with you." +2
    • Choice 3: "Not yet." +3 / "I have." +2 / "Too many times to count." +2 
    • Phone Conversation (P5R): "Smart Response." +3
  • Unlocks the Follow Up ability, giving Haru the chance to attack an enemy after Joker as a follow-up.

Rank 4:

  • Impactful conversation choices for this rank:
    • Choice 1: "That's pricey." +3 / "It must be amazing." +3
    • Choice 2: All give +3
    • Choice 3: All give +3
    • Choice 4: "Let's ask him." +3
    • Choice 5: "I'm not really sure." +3
    • Phone Conversation (P5R): "Let's get coffee again sometime." +3
  • Unlocks the Celeb Talk ability, giving Haru the chance to step in on a failed demon negotiation.

Rank 5:

  • Impactful conversation choices for this rank:
    • Choice 1: "Somebody's telling the truth." +3 / "Trust no one." +3
    • Choice 2: "There has to be another way." +3
    • Choice 3: "That doesn't matter now." +3 / "I don't think so." +3
    • Phone Conversation (P5R): "Pinch yourself." +3
  • Unlocks Selective Breeding, which improves vegetable crop outcome.

Rank 6:

  • Impactful conversation choices for this rank:
    • Choice 1: All give +3
    • Choice 2: "I had no idea." +3
    • Choice 3: "That would be bad." +3 / "Black like coffee?" +3
    • Choice 5: "Be strong, Haru." +3
    • Phone Conversation (P5R): "You can talk to me anytime." +3 / "Let him say what he wants." +3
  • Unlocks the Harisen Recovery ability, which gives Haru the chance to step in and heal status ailments on party members when in the party.
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Rank 7:

  • Impactful conversation choices for this rank:
    • Choice 2: "That sounds really tough..." +3 / "What do you want to do?" +3
    • Choice 3: All choices are +3
    • Choice 4: Both choices are +3
    • Phone Conversation (P5R): "I'll always have your back." +3
  • Unlocks the Soil Improvement ability, which reduces the time a crop takes to grow.

Rank 8:

  • Impactful conversation choices for this rank:
    • Choice 1: "The soil?" +3
    • Choice 2: All are +3
    • Choice 3: All are +3
    • Phone Conversation (P5R): "It's in your nature to nurture." +3 / "I want some too." +3
  • Unlocks the Endure ability, giving Haru a chance to withstand a blow in combat that would usually kill.

Rank 9 [Romance Point]:

  • This is the point when a romance with Haru Okumura becomes available.
  • Impactful conversation choices for this rank:
    • Choice 2: All are +3
    • Choice 3: "You're very welcome." +3 / "You did amazing." +3
    • Choice 4: 
      • Romance - "I like you too, Haru."
      • Friendship - "He saw us as good friends."
    • Phone Conversation (P5R if not romanced): "You sound so happy." +3
    • Phone Conversation (P5R if romanced): "I wanted to hear your voice." +3 / "I miss you." +3
  • Unlocks the Protect ability, giving Haru the ability to shield Joker from an attack that would be fatal.

Rank 10:

  • Any choices you make will be irrelevant, since this is the max rank.
  • Unlocks Mother Harlot for fusion.
  • Unlocks Second Awakening, evolving Haru's Persona to its Astarte.
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