Persona 5: Yusuke confidant guide: Emperor choices & unlocks

In between your adventures as a daring thief, Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal have you living out your days as a high school student, navigating the life and relationships that come with being a teenager. One of the characters you'll be spending a lot of time with from early on is Yusuke Kitagawa, who is perhaps one of the more refined members of the party of phantom thieves - and in the world of the Velvet Room, Yusuke represents The Emperor, the 4th arcana.

A huge part of your journey in P5 will be getting to know these characters, including Yusuke. On this page, we list every rank of your confidant co-operation relationship with Yusuke alongside every choice you can make that will advance that relationship. Leveling up your confidant co-operation will grant bonuses in battle and also bring Joker and Yusuke closer together - and with our guide, you can max the relationship out as quickly as possible, freeing time up to do other things.

For help with the same for the other characters, including the girls you can be romantically involved with, check out our full Persona 5 Confidant cooperation guide.

The Yusuke confidant cooperation is yet another relationship with one of your key Persona 5 party members - you'll want to level it up as quickly as you can.

Yusuke Kitagawa Confidant Cooperation Guide - Emperor (L'Empereur - IV)

As we said, this is every rank and every choice that'll give you points towards your relationship with Yusuke. The points are an invisible stat, but the +1, +2 and +3 gains listed below are important - the more points you have, the faster the confidant cooperation relationship will level up, netting you bonuses and freeing up the limited in-game days to do other things.

  • Yusuke Location: Yusuke is usually found after school in the day in the Shibuya Station Underground Walkway.
  • Days Yusuke is Available: Yusuke is available all week in the daytime, only made unavailable during certain story circumstances. He's also available day and night on rainy days. 
  • Gifts for Yusuke: In Persona 5 Royal, you can now give gifts to certain male confidants, too. We detail which gifts are best in our Persona 5 Royal gift guide.

Rank 1:

  • On 6/18 there will be an umissable event with Yusuke. Talk to him at the train station's underground passageway afterwards.  
  • Unlocks Novice Duplication, a skill that allows Yusuke to produce low-level skill cards for you by using Blank Cards. These can then be used to teach your Persona moves.

Impactful Conversation Choices for this Rank:

  • I have to hold up my end of the deal, so I’ll perform to the best of my ability. You need only ask.
    • Option 3: "I'll be asking a lot." +3
    • Option 2: "I'll try not to." +2
    • Option 1: "Thanks." +2

As a bonus, you'll also get a Recarm skill card for completing this rank.

Rank 2:

Impactful Conversation Choices for this Rank:

  • I would like your honest opinion... if you would.
    • Option 1: "It's novel." +2 
    • Option 2: "It's enigmatic." +2
  • More importantly, it shall be the spark that revitalizes my slumbering art career!
    • Option 1: "I can't wait." +3
    • Option 2: "I hope you're right." +3
  • Phone Conversation (P5R): I'm on a roll right now. I shall keep up this momentum and apply it to the Phantom Thieves as well!
    • Option 1: "You're already doing enough." +2

Unlocks Baton Pass ability, letting you pass Yusuke's turn to other Baton Pass users in battle after a 1 More.

Rank 3:

Impactful conversation choices for this rank:

  • My work is... empty?
    • Option 3: "Don't let it bother you." +2
  • What is going to happen to me now...? Without art, what will remain of my being...?
    • Option 2: "This isn't like you." +3
    • Option 1: "You're really giving up?" +2
  • But that is all the more reason I must break out of my slump. I must prove my ability to him.
    • Option 1: "How exactly? +2
    • Option 2: "That's the spirit." +2
  • Phone Conversation (P5R): I'm going to have ten pieces finished up by end of today!
    • Option 1: "That's the spirit." +2

Unlocks the Follow Up ability, giving Yusuke the chance to attack an enemy after Joker as a follow-up. Additionally unlocks the Ueno Museum location if it wasn't already available via another confidant.

Rank 4:

Impactful conversation choices for this rank:

  • Thank you for your assistance today. After all, it would be impossible to sketch while rowing.
    • Option 2: "Why are we in a boat?" +2 
    • Option 3: "I should bring a girl here." +2
  • It seems my bias has caused me to overlook the truth of the matter...
    • Option 1: "Love comes in all forms." +3
    • Option 2: "Maybe you should train more." +2
  • Phone Conversation (P5R): Even if I ever do understand it, will I truly be able to draw it...?
    • Option 1: "Don't get discouraged." +2

Unlocks the Artist Talk ability, giving Yusuke the chance to step in on a failed demon negotiation, and also unlocks the Inokashira Park location if it wasn't already available.

Rank 5:

Impactful conversation choices for this rank:

  • You will have to be my model today.
    • Option 3: "Do you want me to strip?" +3
    • Option 2: "I dunno if I can do it..." +2
  • Do you think I will be able to capture the truth someday?
    • Option 1: "I'm sure you will." +3
    • Option 2: "It doesn't look like it." +3
    • Option 3: "Do you want to give up?" +2
  • Phone Conversation (P5R): The further I seem to be from understanding the abyss of the heart.
    • Option 3: "There's still hope." +2

Unlocks the Adept Duplication skill, which allows Yusuke to create medium-level skill cards on your request with use of a Blank Card. Unlocks the Kanda Church location if it wasn't already available.

Rank 6:

Requires rank 4 (Masterful) Proficiency to begin this rank of the Yusuke confidant cooperation. Impactful conversation choices for this rank:

  • This place has not changed in the slightest...
    • Option 1: "It feels nostalgic." +2
  • Why do you think Madarame decided to take me in?
    • Option 1: "Maybe he was sympathetic." +3
    • Option 3: "I couldn't possibly tell you." +3
    • Option 2: "He somehow knew you have skill." +2
  • Phone Conversation (P5R): What's your impression of him?
    • Option 1: "He had a certain dignity." +2

Unlocks the Harisen Recovery ability, which gives Yusuke the chance to step in and heal status ailments on party members when in the party.

Rank 7:

Impactful conversation choices for this rank:

  • We'll sell you as the 'tragic, handsome artist.
    • Option 2: "What do you mean?" +2
  • Why is it that all artists talk about is money, money, money!? Has the true meaning of art been lost!?
    • Option 1: "The truth is within you." +3
  • Phone Conversation (P5R): I'm a petty sellout, a slave to the power of money!
    • Option 1: "Calm down." +2
    • Option 2: "It's not a crime to enjoy sushi." +2

Unlocks the Master Duplication ability, which allows Yusuke to create skill cards for high-end skills by using a Blank Card.

Rank 8:

Impactful conversation choices for this rank:

  • Choice 1: What subject do you think would most capture beauty?
    • Option 3: "It has to be Ann." +2
  • Is this what pure passion is supposed to look like!? My heart is clouded by worldly desires...!
    • Option 3: "You've really grown, Yusuke." +3
    • Option 1: "What's wrong with that?" +2

Unlocks the Endure ability, giving Yusuke a chance to withstand a blow in combat that would usually kill.

Rank 9:

Impactful conversation choices for this rank:

  • When my mother was painting the 'Sayuri'... what do you think she was thinking about?
    • Option 1: "Her love for her son." +3
    • Option 2: "The pain of separation." +3
    • Option 3: "I don't know." +2
  • But that is why I am going to wield my brush again... To give hope to all those who see my paintings.
    • Option 1: "You've really changed, Yusuke." +3
    • Option 2: "That's a great idea." +2

Unlocks the Protect ability, giving Yusuke the ability to shield Joker from an attack that would be fatal.

Rank 10:

  • Any choices you make will be irrelevant, since this is the max rank.
  • Unlocks Odin for fusion.
  • Unlocks Second Awakening, evolving Yusuke's Persona to Kamu Susano-o.