Persona 5 Royal Ohya confidant guide: Devil choices, romance & gifts

Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal let you get to know a wide variety of characters, and one of the most unique relationships is the Ichiko Ohya confidant cooperation - a journalist and reporter who can most often be found propping up a bar that you, as an underage student, really shouldn't be visiting. Ohya represents the Devil arcana in the Velvet Room and in persona creation - we'll let you decide what that says about her personality.

On this page, we help you navigate your relationship to Ohya so you can max out your confidant cooperation relationship with her as quickly as possible, therefore opening up the various bonuses she can offer and also allowing you to choose her as your choice of romanceable character if she's your type. The advantage of this is simple: time is limited in Persona, so you want to do stuff quickly so you have time to spare for other things.

If you need the same sort of help with other confidant characters in the game, check out our full Persona 5 Confidant guide which covers every character, choice and rank

Making the right decisions in the Ohya confidant relationship can lead to a romance, or simply unlock neat bonuses.

Ichiko Ohya Confidant Cooperation Guide - Devil (Le Diable - XV)

Here's every conversation you can have with the devilish Ichiko Ohya, plus everything you can say to speed up that relationship leveling up. The numbers represent the increase you'll get towards ranking up, and are based on the bonus you get when also carrying with you a Persona of Ohya's arcana (Devil), so make sure you do that. There's a bit of an age gap, but you can also pursue a romance relationship with Ohya if you want. 

  • Location & Days Ohya is available: Ohya is always found at night in the Crossroads Bar in Shinjuku. She's only there at night since the bar isn't open in the day. She's there every day, including when it rains, and is almost always drunk. 
  • Ohya Gifts: If you want to impress Ohya with a gift, she likes Cameras and Fans for a start, but you can find some suggests of the best gifts for Ohya, and a full list of  presents on our complete Confidant Gift Guide

Rank 1:

  • Once you gain access to Shinjuku, visit the Crossroads bar and talk to her. You'll have met her earlier in the story at this point.
  • Unlocks Rumor-filled Scoop, which means Palace Alert levels won't increase so quickly and will decrease a little overnight.

Rank 2:

Impactful Conversation Choices for this Rank:

  • ...You have any photos or videos of it?
    • Option 3: "Mishima might..." +2
  • Why are you coming to a bar if you can't even drink alcohol?
    • Option 2: "It's for the article." +2

Bonus: Charm Up. Also unlocks the Rumor-filled Scoop aility, which reduces the security increases in palaces.

Rank 3:

Impactful conversation choices for this rank:

  • I have a theory that they're all minors, and their leader is some simpleton dying from boredom...
    • Option 3: "You shouldn't make assumptions." +2
  • That's why I can't quit... and why I'll never give up.
    • Option 3: "Was she falsely accused?" +2

Bonus: Charm Up

Rank 4

Impactful itconversation choices for this rank:

  • We're totally dating, aren't we, sweetie?
    • Option 1: "Of course we are." +2
    • Option 2: "Don't tell anybody." +2
  • Phone Call (P5R): I'll write you a solid article on the Phantom Thieves.
    • Option 1: "Leave it to me." +2
    • Option 2: "That was our deal." +2

Grants the Shocking Scoop ability, which improves the effect of Rumor-filled scoop. Additionally gives a Charm social stat bonus.

Rank 5:

Impactful conversation choices for this rank:

  • I'm going to prove Kayo's innocence though. That's why I'm conducting my own private investigation now.
    • Option 2: "That's unforgivable." +3
    • Option 1: "That sounds like defamation." +2
  • Phone Call (P5R): For me digging up your records and such without asking, I mean...
    • Option 1: "I don't mind it." +2

Bonus: Charm Up

Rank 6:

Impactful conversation choices for this rank:

  • Ugh, my chief's such a shithead...
    • Option 1: "He must not like you." +2
  • Maybe Kayo really was the culprit.
    • Option 2: "You should trust in her." +2
  • Dammit, that incident is all my fault... That's why I've gotta get to the bottom of it!
    • Option 1: "That's the spirit." +2
    • Option 2: "You're a great journalist." +2
  • Phone Call (P5R): I'm only able to meet my insane quota because of the info you give me on the Phantom Thieves.
    • Option 3: "I'll dig up some more for you." +2

Bonus: Charm Up

Rank 7:

Impactful conversation choices for this rank:

  • What should I do? Should I go knock him out?!
    • Option 3: "Let's think of another way." +3
    • Option 2: "Don't let him provoke you." +3
    • Option 1: "Calm down." +2
  • I wish I was better at controlling my emotions. Like you are.
    • Option 2: "You're charming as you are." +3
    • Option 1: "You should work on that." +2
  • Phone Call (P5R): I'll do whatever it takes to find her...!
    • Option 1: "That's the spirit." +2

Unlocks Outrageous Scoop, improving the effects of Rumor-filled Scoop further still. Also includes the requisite bonus Charm increase.

Rank 8:

Impactful conversation choices for this rank:

  • Say something.
    • Option 2: "You seem tired." +2

After this a sidequest / request for Mementos is unlocked: Fighting for Truth in Journalism. Complete the Fighting for Truth in Journalism sidequest in Mementos, then return to Ichiko to rank up.

  • Not just about Kayo's current state... but about what happened to her that night too.
    • Option 1: "That's not like you." +3
    • Option 2: "You need to pursue the truth." +3
    • Option 3: "I'll go with you." +3
  • Phone Call (P5R): From now on, I'm always gonna chase the truth.
    • Option 1: "Good luck." +2
    • Option 2: "Be careful." +2

Bonus: Charm Up

Rank 9 [Romance Point]:

This is the point when a romance with Ichiko Ohya becomes available. Impactful conversation choices for this rank:

  • I'd get crushed if I tried to take them on without being fully prepared...
    • Option 2: "You're not giving up, are you?" +2
  • I'm sure I'll get targeted... so to be safe, you shouldn't come here again.
    • Option 1: "I can't leave you." +3
    • Option 2: "I want to help." +3
  • That couple act...
    • Romance - Option 1: "I took it seriously."
    • Friendship - Option 2: "I didn't take it seriously."
  • Choice 6 (only if "I took it seriously"):
    • Romance - Option 1: "I love you, Ichiko."
    • Friendship - Option 2: "I'm just kidding."
  • Phone Call (P5R if romanced): "I wanted to hear your voice." +2 / "Please don't dump me." +2

Rank 10:

  • Any choices you make will be irrelevant, since this is the max rank.
  • Unlocks Legendary Scoop, eliminating Palace security level increases.
  • Unlocks Beelzebub for fusion.

Best gifts for Ohya in Persona 5 Royal

Giving Ohya a gift in Persona 5 Royal, which helps to enhance the confidant cooperation relationship.

As well as making the right conversation choices during the Ohya confidant cooperation, one way you can boost the relationship more quickly is through giving her gifts.

We've got a full list of all the gifts you can successfully give Ohya on our Persona 5 Royal gift guide, but below, here's a few of her favorite presents to receive: 

  • Classical Hits: This CD gives a +3 boost. Get it from the Underground Mall.
  • Black Mug: Perfect for the coffee a journalist needs to live, your relationship withh Ohya gets a +3 boost from this gift.
  • Fountain Pen: Another ideal gift for Ohya's work, this adds +3 to the Ohya confidant relationship. Available from Shinjuku.
  • All-purpose Vitamins: +3 boost, available for purchase from a shop in Shibuya.
  • Digital Camera: An expensive gift, but the absolute favorite gift you can give to Ohya - but only during a romance. It can be purchased in Akihabara.