Nioh 2 Revenant Guide: how to get Glory and Ochoko Cups

One of the only ways to make Nioh 2 a little less hard on yourself is by summoning other players for help. To do this you'll need to go up against Revenants and get one of them most important items in the game- Ochoko Cups.

What exactly do Ochoko Cups do? They are essentially a form of currency for the player to use to summon help. You can offer them up from Prayer Shrines by selecting "Summon Visitor", which will then take an Ochoko Cup as payment to the player that joins you. You can use this to summon random players, or you can use this to play Nioh 2 online with friends.

If you're looking for help from the AI instead of online players, you can instead go up to Benevolent Graves. These blue spirits will help you out for a minimum of 2 Ochoko Cups, and they can be a massive help when going up against some of Nioh 2's bosses. It's good to have an extra hand, especially if that hand takes attention away from the player.


Revenants: the best way to get Ochoko Cups and Glory in Nioh 2

The first way to get Ochoko Cups is to defeat Revenants. Revenants are the spirits of fallen players, represented by the red glowing swords in the ground. Stand over one and hold circle to summon it. Unlike with Benevolent Graves, you'll need to defeat the spirit that rises up, which can be pretty difficult. Once you've done that, you'll get some rare loot and a number of Ochoko Cups, depending on how levelled the Revenant is. 

That's not all Revenants give you. They also give you Glory once you've defeated them. Glory is another type of currency that can be used in the Hidden Teahouse to unlock different items and cosmetics for your character and your hut. The Hidden Teahouse is unlocked after you complete the first mission of the third region. 

If the battles against these Revenants are giving you trouble, you might want to check out our Nioh 2 Combat Tips, which features both basic and advanced techniques for effectivly battling Revenants and other powerful enemies.