Persona 5 Royal Kasumi confidant guide: Faith choices, romance & gifts

There's a lot of new stuff in Persona 5 Royal, but probably the most important is new confidant Kasumi Yoshizawa. Kasumi is a new party member, too, and holds the new arcana of The Faith. She's also a romanceable character. All of these things combine to mean you're probably going to want to advance her confidant cooperation relationship and rank it up nice and quickly.

This guide will help you with that. Time management is an important part of Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal, and so this guide will help P5R players to spend as little time ranking up their relationship with Kasumi so that they have more free time to see other things. This will also mean you can pursue a romantic relationship sooner if you want. Kasumi's confidant relationship has some time limits and barriers associated with it, too - so this page will help you to make sure you're ahead of the game there and avoid getting locked out of further progress. 

We've given every character in P5 and P5R the same in-depth treatment, including the other new character the councillor Maruki - so if you want to do this for every confidant, check out our full Persona 5 Royal Confidant guide. It's very detailed!

A new character for Persona 5 Royal, the Kasumi confidant relationship can also evolve into a romance.

Kasumi Yoshizawa Confidant Cooperation Guide - The Faith

Below, you'll find listed every confidant rank and every conversation choice that has a material impact on your relationship with Kasumi in Persona 5 Royal, presented in as spoiler-free a manner as we can manage while keeping the guide useful.

Any conversation choices not listed have no effect, and the numbers next to each answer indicate how many points are added to the hidden value that determines when each confidant cooperation levels up to the next rank. The numbers shown are the increases when you hang out with Kasumi when you have a Persona of her matching Arcana - The Faith - in Joker's possession; the values will be slightly less if you don't have a Faith persona in your inventory. 

CONFIDANT DEADLINE NOTE: you must complete Rank 4 before 12/22 to continue with the confidant. Once you reach Rank 5, you can't go beyond Rank 5 until after 12/22.  Beyond that she's not linked to the Persona 5 Royal true ending or anything like that, so you can enjoy her relationship at a more leisurely pace.

  • Location & Availability: You can find Kasumi Yoshizawa at lunchtime in school time and after school. She hangs out in Kichijoji.
    • In June, and September, October and November she's available only on Wednesday.
    • July, August, and December, she will also occasionally be available on Thursday and Sunday. 
  • Kasumi Gifts: If you want to give Kasumi a gift, some good initial ideas are a Designer Perfume, Crimson Lipstick, and the Mini Cactus - and we list a few more of the best Kasumi gifts below. More present options are listed in our full Persona 5 Royal Gift Guide.

Rank 1:

  • Through story progression, your chance to meet Kasumi will happen on the field trip that takes place on 5/30.
  • Unlocks +5 HP.

Rank 2:

Impactful Conversation Choices for this Rank:

  • It's all about the harmony between the internal and external oblique muscles... I can't get enough of it!
    • Option 1: "We’re just getting started." +2
    • Option 3: "I’m so done with this." +2
  • I'm actually not doing so great at the moment, so I'm not sure I could manage anything too strenuous.
    • Option 1: "Next time, then." +2
  • Bonus Phone Call: Then my stomach wouldn't stop growling in my meeting.
    • Option 1: "Impressive." +2

Unlocks +5 HP. Unlocks Tumbling - you might be able to escape a Pinch Encounter in Palaces, or even turn it into a Chance Encounter

Rank 3:

Impactful conversation choices for this rank:

  • And I figured something out! It's this!
    • Option 1: "Making Bento?" +3
  • Do you want it?
    • Option 1: "I’m touched!" +2
    • Option 2: "It looks delicious." +2
  • Let's dig in!​​​​​​​
    • Option 1: "Is that all for you?" +3
    • Option 2: "That seems a little much." +2
  • You okay? Your eyes are glazing over...​​​​​​​
    • Option 2: "It’s definitely unique." +2
  • I thought it was so great when I presented it to you, and now...​​​​​​​
    • Option 1: "You could try again sometime?" +3
    • Option 3: "Just keep at it." +3
    • Option 2: "It happens." +2

Unlocks +5 HP.

Rank 4

Impactful conversation choices for this rank:

  • I've been wanting to come here for a while, but I never had the chance to drop by.​​​​​​​
    • Option 2: "You're looking to buy?" +2
  • You look so cool! What do you think?​​​​​​​
    • Option 1: "A pretty modern look." +3
  • Would you mind poking around with me for a bit longer?​​​​​​​
    • Option 1: "Of course." +2
  • I don't know how to describe it. It just seems perfect for my dad somehow.​​​​​​​
    • Option 1: "Good choice." +2
  • The more I thought about it, the more... empty I felt. Like I wasn't even me anymore.​​​​​​​
    • Option 1: "Everyone deals with that." +2
  • Bonus Phone Call: He was so happy with them!
    • Option 1: "I’m glad to hear that." +2

Unlocks Chaines Hook, a new skill that lets you use a grappling hook to engage a Chance Encounter/Surprise Attack from long range.

Rank 5:

Reminder: you must complete Rank 4 to reach Rank 5 before 12/22 to continue. Once you reach Rank 5, you can't go beyond Rank 5 until after 12/22.  

Impactful conversation choices for this rank:

  • Probably didn't expect to be meeting me at the batting center, huh?​​​​​​​
    • Option 1: "It’s a surprise, yeah." +2
  • What do you think? That could work, right?​​​​​​​
    • Option 2: "Go ahead. I’ll watch." +3
    • Option 1: "It is a good idea." +2
  • I did it, Senpai! I hit the ball!​​​​​​​
    • Option 2: "I saw!" +3
    • Option 1: "Congratulations." +3
    • Option 3: "How’s that feel?" +2
  • I'd forgotten how it felt to work that hard on someone else's behalf...​​​​​​​
    • Option 1: "That’s important." +3
    • Option 2: Don’t forget how that feels." +2
  • Bonus Phone Call: Was there anything else you wanted to try, Senpai?​​​​​​​
    • Option 1: "Swimming" +3
    • Option 3: "Gymnastics." +3
    • Option 2: "Running." +2

Unlocks +5 HP.

Rank 6:

The conversation that leads to rank 6 is locked until 01/13, and if you haven't reached Rank 5 before then, you will be locked out of it forever. 

Impactful conversation choices for this rank:

  • None of these Nine(!) choices have an effect, but...
  • Bonus Phone Call: This is the real me, I guess.
    • Option 2: "You have to face it." +2
    • Option 3: "So what if it is?" +2

This Rank unlocks:

  • Unlocks +5 HP.
  • Unlocks the Follow Up ability, giving Kasumi the chance to attack an enemy after Joker as a follow-up.
  • Unlocks the FitnessTalk ability, giving Kasumi the chance to step to rescue any failed demon negotiation.

Rank 7:

Impactful conversation choices for this rank:

  • Siiigh...
    • Option 1: "You okay?" +2
  • I'm just worthless after all…​​​​​​​
    • Option 1: "That isn’t true." +3
  • Senpai, will you go out with me again?​​​​​​​
    • Option 1: "Of course." +3
    • Option 3: "Another love confession?" +3
    • Option 2: "I could watch you forever." +2
  • Bonus phone call: You might be just as tough as Kasumi... Amazing.
    • Option 3: “I love a good challenge.” +2

Unlocks +5 HP. Unlocks the Harisen Recovery ability, which gives Kasumi the chance to step in and heal status ailments on party members when she's in the party.

Rank 8

Impactful conversation choices for this rank:

  • Well, I guess it's important to have a balanced diet...?
    • Option 1: "Walk up to Sumire" +3
  • I don't even know if I'm worth showing off, let alone how to do it...​​​​​​​
    • Option 2: “I’m here for you.” +3
    • Option 1: “Try to stay positive.” +2
    • Option 3: “It’ll all work out.” +2
  • Um, what do you think?​​​​​​​
    • Option 3: "I'm in love." +3
  • I don't think that'd change how I feel about it.
    • Option 2: "Sounds like progress." +3
    • Option 1: "That’s how it should be." +2
  • Bonus Phone Call: B-By the way, where do you like to get your clothes from, Senpai?​​​​​​​
    • Option 2: "The resale shop." +2
    • Option 3: "Online." +2

Unlocks +5 HP. Unlocks the Endure ability, giving Kasumi the chance to withstand a blow in a battle that would usually kill.

Rank 9 [Romance Point]:

This is the point when a romance with Kasumi Yoshizawa becomes available.

Impactful conversation choices for this rank:

  • I hope it's not too much trouble.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
    • Option 1: "It's no problem." +3
    • Option 2: "We'll call it holiday hours." +3
  • I’d like you to be there when I do... Is that okay?​​​​​​​
    • Option 1: "Definitely." +3
    • Option 2: "Of course." +3
  • I talked about wanting you to see me, and how that helped me stop worrying?
    • ​​​​​​​Option 1: "Of course I do." +3
  • I hope I still helped Kasumi somehow...
    • Option 1: "I know you did." +3
    • Option 2: "You're not worthless." +3
    • Option 3: "This is a new beginning." +3
  • There's something I need to tell you, Senpai!​​​​​​​
    • Option 3: "Go ahead." +3
  • The last thing I want to do is make you uncomfortable, so...​​​​​​​
    • Friendship - Option 1: "Let’s stay friends, okay?"
    • Romance - Option 2: "I love you too."

At this point, the final choices of this cooperation splits depending on if you pursued a relationship or simply a friendship.

    Friendship Path:

    • Just watch me and I promise I'll keep improving!
      • Option 2: "I can't wait to see it." +3
      • Option 3: "You can always rely on me." +3
    • Bonus Phone Call: I really think I've matured. And I'm really glad for your part in that, Senpai.
      • Option 1: "I’m glad to hear that." +2

    Relationship Path:

    • What am I saying...?
      • Option 1: "Calm down." +3
    • I-I--Um--you--
      • Option 3: "You're so cute." +3
    • Bonus Phone Call: I don't know what to do!
      • Option 1: "Get used to it." +3

    Regardless of path, rank up unlocks +5 HP. Unlocks the Protect ability, giving Kasumi the ability to shield Joker from an attack that would kill him.

    Rank 10:

    Impactful conversation choices for this rank:

      Friendship Branch

      • I genuinely can't thank you enough.
        • Option 1: "You did all the work." +3
        • Option 2: "We’re not done yet." +3
        • Option 3: "It's been my pleasure." +3
      • All three of us taking on the world as a team!
        • Option 1: ​​​​​​​"Bring it on." +3

      Relationship Branch:

      • ...what's most important to me while performing.
        • ​​​​​​​Option 3: "Is it someone you love?" +3
      • I want to keep my promise with her.
        • ​​​​​​​Option 1: "I'm counting on you." +3
        • Option 2: "Don't get ahead of yourself." +3
        • Option 3: "We're our world's champions." +3

      Whichever path you're on, rank up unlocks +5 HP. Unlocks Second Awakening, evolving the Persona to its final form.

      Best gifts for Kasumi in Persona 5 Royal

      As well as making the right dialogue choices to advance the Persona 5 Royal Kasumi confidant relationship, you can also speed up your ranking up of the confidant by handing gifts to Kasumi when you're given the opportunity. You'll get greater bonuses for giving better gifts.

      We detail all gifts, where to buy them, and who likes them in our full Persona 5 Royal gift guide, but here's a few of Kasumi's most beloved gifts, to help you out: 

      • Mini Cactus: Kasumi loves this little fella, giving some unique dialogue and a +3 boost. You can nab it quite cheap in the Underground Mall.
      • Rose Bouquet: You don't need to be pursuing a romance to give this to Kasumi, which will raise the confidant relationship by +3.
      • Crimson Lipstick: This new item for Persona 5 Royal practically is placed there to please Kasumi - it gives a +3 boost. You can get it from the Underground Mall.
      • Face Beautifier: This gift is expensive, but gives a +3 boost to your Kasumi confidant link. It also garners a unique reaction.
      • Heart Ring: If you're in a romance with Kasumi, you can buy and hand over this ring to get another +3 boost.