Sakura Wars Endings guide: the branching point and requirements to get each ending

In Sakura Wars, each of the five main heroines has a special ending epilogue scene that plays after the credits at the end of the game. Depending on your preferences of which of the girls you date and your personal preference, you might want to manipulate that - or you might simply want to make sure you see them all.

Ensuring that you get the ending with your favorite girl is the easy part luckily, but it involves an extremely high Trust level with that character. On each intermission screen, you’ll be able to check your trust levels with everyone through the Team Status option. This’ll gradually fill up with side characters as you build their Trust levels up and the main girls taking center stage.


Sakura Wars Endings guide: how to get every ending epilogue

As was just mentioned, the ending epilogue you get is determined by the trust levels of the girls. Your trust level with girls is driven in a big way by how you speak to them - which makes your responses to conversation dialogue options important.

For that reason we've crafted two guides: one listing all trust-altering dialogue choices in the main story, and another which covers the conversation options in the secondary events. Your responses during dating events also play into this equation.

To see your current trust levels, just take a look at your Team Status on the Intermission Screen. The girls all appear here, and the further down the steps they are closer to Seijuro, the higher their Trust levels are with him. You can use this to understand a girl's position and use our choice guides to manipulate a girl's position.

The first crucial prerequisite to unlocking a heroine’s post-credits ending scene is to have her on the 2nd to last aisle on the diorama screen.

Now in Chapter 7, Sumire asks Seijuro to pick a deputy captain for the final stretch of the game. If you’ve successfully built up enough Trust with your favorite, a heart icon should be above them indicating that they’re available as an option to be selected for the deputy captain slot. Simply walk up to Sakura, Hatsuho, Azami, Anastasia, or Claris and choose them.


Once you’ve locked one of them in as your deputy captain, just keep playing through 'til the credits - you’re good to go to see their ending once they roll.