Like A Dragon Gaiden Quiz Guide: all the correct answers in the Challenge to the Informant requests

If you've been seeking out Akame Network requests throughout Like A Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name, you'll often visit a NPC named the Quizzy Quester to do requests called Challenge to the Informant. He'll ask you several tricky trivia questions as you level up the Akame Network. If you find yourself stumped on them, we've got the right answers for you.

Where to find the Quizzy Quester to start Challenge to the Informant requests

Whenever a new Challenge to the Informant request is available, an exclamation mark will appear in the left side of the map. It'll be right above the intersection between the western Bishamon Bridge and W Shofukucho. Refer to the map right down below for the exact location. You'll go up some stairs to enter an office room where the Quizzy Quester will be waiting to ask his next trivia question.

What happens if you get a question wrong

If you don't answer a question correctly the first time, you do not fail the Akame Network request. Instead, the wrong answer you chose will be deleted from the list of answers, so you have a second chance to get the right answer.

No matter if you get it right or wrong, you will still successfully fulfill the Challenge to the Informant request. You get some money as a reward if you select the right answer the first time.

Here are all the correct Challenge to the Informant quiz answers in Like A Dragon Gaiden.

1) What’s the shop in Sotenbori that sells okonomiyaki called?
Answer: Hiratai

2) There’s a place in southeast Sotenbori called Ashitaba Park. If ya got a bird’s eye view of it, what shape would it be?
Answer: A triangle

3) Above the entrance to Club SEGA, there’s a billboard of one o’ the seven lucky gods—the warrior-king Bishamonten. What’s he wearin’ on his head?
Answer: A helmet

4) What type of onigiri is not sold at the three Poppo stores in Sotenbori?
Answer: Plum

5) What’s the most expensive booze ya can drink here in Sotenbori?
Answer: Black Champagne

6) There’s a certain karaoke bar in Shofukucho with a woman’s name. It’s called New… what?
Answer: Momoko